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  1. After rereading the problem, it does seem to be a defect, such as a partial break, in one fiber optic cable A partial break can at times be located by careful examination. If the defect is near one of the end plugs, then depending on the make of the cable, the short defective length can be discarded and the end plug reconnected. For a replacement it may be better make one's cables out of Toslink and grommets, as described here: https://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?/topic/60564-diy-fiber-optic-writeup-with-parts/&tab=comments#comment-387130 One big advantage of making one's own Toslink fiber optic cables is that they are break resistant, inexpensive and easy to repair.
  2. "One cable emits a bright light and the other problem cable emits a much dimmer light" Yes, my new Subal ND500 LED trigger had the same problem. This trigger has two separate circuits on its board, for each LED. One circuit was defective, the LED was continuously half On and did not fire with sufficient light to trigger the strobe. I had to replace the trigger with a new one. To check your LED trigger, plug it in the camera's hot shoe, turn the camera On, both LED's should be Off. If one LED is half On, its circuit is defective. When youshoot the camera both LED's should flash with equal intensity. If one LED is dim, you need to contact your dealer for a replacement. Good luck! Please let us know what happens.
  3. I agree with the above, an air integrated, wrist mounted, easy to read computer plus a separate air pressure gauge as a backup, just in case.
  4. Hi Jeff: About your Kraken strobes turning off by themselves, you might contact a Kraken dealer such as Scott Gietler at Blue Water Photo - sales@bluewaterphotostore.com. Please tell us if his answer helped solve the problem, or when you figure it out. Elias
  5. Or you can make your own fiber optic cable to Inon strobe adapter for a few pennies out of heat shrink tube. The Wetpixel post with instructions is here: https://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?/topic/60564-diy-fiber-optic-writeup-with-parts/page/2/&tab=comments#comment-413280 The adapter can be made of heat shrink, electrical insulation tube from the hardware store in a few minutes. I have used these adaptors for many dives with Inon D2000, Z240 types 1 to 4 and Z330 strobes. I carry a spare, just in case. Inexpensive, works perfectly, and easy to replace.
  6. Hi, it looks like a Subal 200 mm, 8 inch port. I too got this dome port, in perfect condition as part of a Subal ND20 rig, together with its extension port. http://www.subal.com/a134c15c13/Ports_Gears_Viewfinders/Dome_ports/DP_230_dome_port.aspx I believe the Subal name for this port is something like the 8 or 8.25 inch dome port. From time to time eBay sells the Canon C20 (?) camera body for next to nothing, to complete the camera-housing package. I have yet to dive with it, will have to wait until the Corvid epidemic quiets.
  7. This illustration of underwater strobe connectors, by make, was in my old photos, but I do not know where it came from. It may help identify the bulkhead connector in an older housing, such as the Subal ND2.
  8. I was hoping it might have the gs180 viewfinder

    1. Kraken de Mabini

      Kraken de Mabini

      The GS180 viewfinder new is well over a thousand dollars, but with luck you can find a used one for about $500.   The standard viewfinder on this housing is over $200 new, so just it alone pays for the entire assembly.  This housing can be used underwater as it is, just add the camera and lens, readily available on eBay.  Or it can be used for spare parts, either way it pays for itself.    
      Cheers,  Elias



    2. humpback


      Thanks - yes.  I realize their cost.  I haven't shot a 20D for a long time - really was just interested in the viewfinder. 

  9. Yes, it is still available, with a standard Subal viewfinder, T3 port and extra O-rings, as posted above.
  10. The ND2 does not have ports for fiber optic cables, Subal first used these ports about 2012, as in the ND7000 housing. That means you will have to use cables with 5 pin plugs at the Sea&Sea strobe end and match the pins on the housing bulkheads at the other end of the cable. My Subal-Nikon housings have all had 5 pin bulkheads, but you have to check and proceed accordingly, Nikonos vs Ikelite type plugs. Installing a vacuum leak detector will require a separate M1x14 or 16 mm bulkhead, first check that the housing has one available, then order a Vivid detector with an electric vacuum pump from Miso, he is a super person: Miso Milivojevic, info@vividhousings.com. For the strobe arms I would suggest studying the Ultra Light Control Systems on-line catalogue. Their 45 degree slide-on ball mounts work well. You might consider some float arms. A ball mount for the finding light at the top center of the housing is quite useful: https://www.ulcs.com/index.php/products/slr-camera-housings Should you need Subal T3 ports, please let me know, I have some spares. Best of luck!
  11. Here is a preliminary, commercial review of the YS-D3, no uw photos. https://www.bluewaterphotostore.com/sea-and-sea-ys-d3-strobe-review?utm_source=Bluewater+PHOTO+Newsletter&utm_campaign=49797e57f1-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2018_04_10_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_e7c41d298c-49797e57f1-310877389
  12. A simple price comparison from two reliable merchants: Inon Z330 $571 now shipping from Fun In Taiwan Photographic Equipment Sea&Sea YS-D3 $850 special order from B&H Photo, New York. NY. I found no other on-line sellers for the YS-D3.
  13. When the strobe won't fire, Bill's point about the need to check for, and remove, an air bubble trapped between the end of the fiber optic cable and the strobe sensor is excellent. Also, the end of the cable must be very near the sensor for sufficient light to be transmitted, as even a few millimeters between the sensor and the end of the cable may allow sufficient light dispersion to prevent the strobe from flashing.
  14. I have used a pistol lanyard for many years, works fine, and being coiled it stays out of the way. One costs about $ 7.- US in eBay
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