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  1. Another diagnostic step would be to take a video while you fire the camera and strobe at a mirror. This might show the relative timing of the strobes and camera's flash. Good luck!
  2. Update: The Orphan Nikkor lens has been adopted and is on its way to its new home. Thank you for your kind interest.
  3. Sea&Sea Strobe problem: It sounds as if the strobe's trigger is off, such that it flashes a bit after the camera's shutter has closed, and the flash does not show in the photo. The strobe's flash is controlled by a complex timing circuit that fires it for a defined length of time to control the brightness of the photo. If this timing circuit is defective it may delay the onset of the flash, such that the strobe flashes is delayed. It is a factory repair as the circuits are very complex and tightly packed, and can only be replaced by factory technicians. This possibility can be checked by setting the shutter at 1/250 sec, the f stop closed at about f28. Set camera and strobe to M mode (for later pictures set to TTL). Now aim the camera (no housing), with the flash open, at a mirror, so the camera and strobe are reflected by it. Hold the strobe fiber-optic cable against the open flash, and take a picture: it should show the mirror reflection of both flashes. If it only shows the camera's flash, and the Sea&Sea strobe did flash, it may mean the strobe's firing is delayed by a defective internal strobe circuit. If so, let us hope your local dealer can help.
  4. Price reduced to $2,299.- Complete rig: housing, camera, lens, ports, strobe arms: Great buy!
  5. FREE TO GOOD HOME - Nikkor Lens, As Is. Nikon ED AF-S Nikkor 18-70 mm lens, f 3.5-4.5 G. Came with a second-hand camera, lens auto-focus does not work, but the manual focus and zoom work just fine. Body and lens glass are nice and clean, no lens scratches or body dings, includes front and back Nikon caps. Adoptive parent pays $15 US shipping, Paypal, contact me by PM.
  6. Onokai now has a new 4/3 adapter ring, as I sent him mine. Reef Photo in Florida sells this adapter as the "Subal 4/3 port bayonet adapter" SKU # sub.bjad34. This ring works as it should. With it one can plug a Subal Type 3 port or extension into a T4 housing or EXR extension. Two small screws lock the adapter into the T3 port so that it can be plugged or unplugged from the T4 ring on the housing.
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