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    Greater Los Angeles, California
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    UW photography, design UW custom gizmos

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    Nikon D500, D7100, D7200. Olympus TG4 & 5
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    Nauticam NA500, Subal ND7100, Olympus TG 058
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    Inon Z330, two - Sola lights, three
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    Inon Mega float S, 2, 8 and 5 inch arms, 6 clamps
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About Me

Started diving in 1946 with hard hat, scuba in 1967. But Underwater photography in 2010, first camera was an Olympus, I forget the model in an Ikelite housing, then several more until now I use a Nikon D7200 and a D500 in Subal housings.

Retired, live in Los Angeles, prefer macro photography and am still learning, every trip a little more.  My favorite activity is making friends in the countries I visit, such as the Philippines and Sulawesi, Indonesia.  Favorite resorts are Club Ocellaris in Anilao and YosDive in Lembeh.  

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