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  1. One Nikon SB-N10 strobe Sold! One available for purchase, brand new, perfect condition, with box and Instruction Manual. Same weight and size as the Sea&Sea YS-D1 and YS-D2 underwater strobes, but Nikon quality.$379 Paypal + $14 US shipping, $24 to other countries, my eBay rating is 100% buyer satisfaction.
  2. This last cable you list from Amazon looks suitable, as do the Amazon cord boot protector plugs you list 3 posts above. I have fit Toslink cable into the plugs after coating it lightly with plumbers ABS glue (ABS shavings dissolved in acetone), then trimmed the end with a sharp razor. When tested with Sea&Sea YS-01 and YS-D2J strobes, and Inon D-180, D-2000, Z-240 and Z-330 strobes, they flash consistently, no problems. Please let us know how it all works out.
  3. (abstracted from https://www.uwphotographyguide.com/kraken-kr-s02-review?utm_source=Underwater+Photography+Guide+Newsletter&utm_campaign=09fcbc2056-UWPG_NEWSLETTER_2018_07_31_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_47636bb2bb-09fcbc2056-265771361. Please see it for the full review.) "Kraken KR-S02 Strobe Review By Nirupam Nigam Kraken’s DEMA announcement of their first underwater strobe, the Kraken KR-S02, was a big surprise. Kraken has been one of the world’s top innovator in underwater imaging tools, so it was only a matter of time – after all, Kraken underwater video lights are legendary. We couldn’t wait to get our hands on a pair and take them underwater, so we decided to bring them home directly from their DEMA announcement! We put them to the test in the cold Southern California ocean just outside our office. After all, the kelp forest is the perfect place to test a strobe with all the different lighting conditions. The clear highlight of the KR-S02 is the battery life, with over 900 full cycles on a single charge! It’s going to be quite some time before another strobe comes to the market with that kind of battery life. When it comes to power, this strobe is more of a mid-range strobe. It has a guide number of 24. That is powerful, but not necessarily the highest end of the market (which is closer to 33, or even 64). The KR-S02 is definitely sufficient for macro photographers and most types of wide-angle photography. If you’re shooting a lot of sunballs, you might want a little more power. The strobe features a 200 lumen white and red spot light, which is can be used as a focus light. The beam is 90 degrees with a color temperature of 5000K. Finally, the KR-S02 should be even more versatile in the future – Kraken plans to develop diffuser and snoot accessories for the strobe. U.S. MSRP: $599.00 Kraken KR-S02 Key Specs • Guide Number: 24 • Beam Angle: 90° • 900+ full power cycles at full charge • Color Temp: 5000K • Recycle Time: ~1.5s on full power • LED Spot Light: 1 watt (200 lumen, 6000K) spot light, and 1 watt red light • Uses lithium ion batteries - the same as the Hydra 5000 • Battery: 4X18650 (3400mAh) wrapped into a single cell • Depth Rate: 330ft/100m • Can be used only with fiber optic cables (universal Sea & Sea style plug), no sync cord connection. 1 multi core fiber optic cable with each strobe included •Weight: 1050g (on land including battery), 240g (underwater including battery) • Dimension: ~119mm (L) X 119mm (W) X 135.5mm (H) • Included in Box: Strobe, battery, YS mount, ball mount, charger, knob extensions, manual. " ---Please note: The review by Nirupam Nigam has many more details and photos, please see it.
  4. STROBE IS SOLD, Thank you for watching.
  5. Inon D180 Strobe in excellent condition, no dings or scartches - like new in all respects, flashes perfectly. Never flooded, battery contacts are shiny new. Key Features: Circular 100 degree beam angle Powerful G.N.18 (ISO100/m) Minimum recycle time of 1.8 seconds at full flash Precise S-TTL, 24-step External Auto, 13-step Manual. Excellent strobe for macro photos, as a backup strobe and for a small camera. $159 + $14.99 shipping US, $29 other countries. Paypal. My eBay rating is 100% buyer satisfaction.
  6. Nikon SB-N10 Underwater Speedlight Flash, new, never in the water. Perfect condition, with #100 and #120 diffusers. Flashes with the standard fiberoptic cable. Uses four AA batteries for power. Battery contacts are shiny new. Retail price is $750. YS and ball mounts included. Same weight and size as the Sea&Sea YS-D1 and YS-D2 underwater strobes, but Nikon quality. $379 Paypal + $14 US shipping, $24 to other countries. my eBay rating is 100% buyer satisfaction.
  7. Congratulations! There is a whole world of printed parts available in www.thingiverse.com Thingiverse - Digital Designs for Physical Objects The lens gears and other useful designs can be uploaded to Thingiverse for others' to print and use.
  8. Strobe is sold. 100% buyer satisfaction! Thank you, everybody, for your kind interest.
  9. Inon Z-240 Underwater Strobe in fully working condition, never flooded, battery contacts shiny like new, body has minor surface scratches, xenon flash tubes are crystal clear. Includes removable Inon ball mount. $310 + $15 shipping US, $30 Europe. Paypal. My eBay rating is 100% buyer satisfaction.
  10. A microfiber cloth as you say, or lint free towels. There are many on the market, for instance: https://raglady.com/Lint-Free You could also try a bit of rubbing alcohol after wiping, to evaporate any water residue. Please share the aquatic canine photos.
  11. Hi, the Sea&Sea YS (for Yellow Submarine) line of strobes has an honorable family history, going back to film camera days. The YS-D1 was one of the first strobes designed for digital uw cameras. It is now an ancient mariner, long ago superseded by the YS-D2 and as of about two years ago by the YS-D2J. The problem with the YS-D1 strobes is their old age, and that they may have been flashed thousands of times and are now, after a long life of faithful service, on the used market. If and when the tubes burn out or the electronics malfunction, that is it, as there are no repair parts or service available. Currently the YS-D2J and the Inon Z330 are the choice, with new but expensive strobes about to materialize on the market. Some dealers may be offering nice prices on these two models, worth looking for. Brent Durand speaks of four new strobes, not yet available: Underwated Strobe Comparison 2020.https://tutorials.brentdurand.com/underwater-strobe-comparison/
  12. Both Sea&Sea YS D2J Strobes are Sold. Thank you for watching 100% Satisfied Buyers.
  13. One sold, One S&S YS-D2J strobe, in excellent condition, still available. $469. US shipping $14, other countries $29.
  14. Hi, I like all three of them, 1 and 3 a bit more. No. 3 at first I said 'The face is hidden" but no, the left and right fins are like the fan of a Spanish dancer and enhance the face. Nice work!
  15. If you already own one Sea&Sea YS-110 and are happy with it, it does seem reasonable to pair it with another YS-110. The reasons: you already know how to use the YS-110, you are happy with it, you avoid having to learn a new strobe or pair thereof, and you save a bundle. Another YS-110 for a reasonable price seems to be the smart choice. Best of luck!
  16. For an excellent review of the Backscatter Mini Flash UW Strobe, please see: "Backscatter Mini Flash MF-1 and Optical Snoot OS-1 By Phil Rudin" in UnderWater Photography, issue 112/44-48, Jan-Feb 2020. http://www.uwpmag.com/?download=112
  17. Sea&Sea Nikonos Style Sync Cord, in excellent condition, cable has no cracks or damage. Nikonos type contacts are shiny, like new. Conducts electric signals perfectly. 60 cm long coiled, 90 cm long when coil is extended (2 ft, 3 ft.) New this cord sells for $125. Fits the Inon Z- and Sea&Sea YS-D1 and D2 series strobes. $34. + $5 US mail, or + $12 shipping to other countries. Paypal.
  18. The Subal ND7100 for the Nikon D7100 and D7200 is a super housing for these two excellent Nikon cameras. I was fortunate in receiving from Carol Grant, the Manatee Lady photographer, her Subal ND7100 and Nikon D7200. They are now my main camera & housing as I quite deliberately sold my Nauticam NA500 to shoot with them. For someone looking for a super housing the Subal ND7100 is now a bargain when purchased directly from Subal, as the price is reduced to eu 1.990-. The Nikon cameras are available almost for a song on the used market, B&H Photo or eBay for example. Hard to go wrong. http://www.subal.com/a340c73c2c1/Housings/UW_Housings/Nikon/ND7100.aspx https://www.bhphotovideo.com/
  19. Update: Jan 11, 2020: One S&S YS-D2J strobe sold, on its way to its happy new owner. One S&S YS-D2J strobe, in excellent condition, still available. $469. US shipping $14, other countries $29.
  20. Hi, Bill: Consider it done. I will mail you the kit tomorrow morning. Cheers, eli = = = Kit has gone to Bill Libecap, UW Camera Stuff, a worthy home.
  21. FREE to Handy UW Phtographer : IKELITE O-RING KIT, 6201.02 As I no longer have an Ikelite housing, I do not need the rebuilt kit. This kit has lots of Ikelite O rings, grommets, springs and a lever or two with instructions. US only to start with. You pay the US postage, $2. PM me your email and mailing address, first come - first served.
  22. They are one and a half years, 50 dives. Flash perfectly. Thank you for asking
  23. Hi: For the past 3-4 years I have used DIY, Toslink single core cables and they work just fine withseveral housings, including a Nauticam NA500 housing, Nauticam LED trigger and two S&S YS-D2 strobes. The boiling water to coil the cable damages the fiber and reduces the light transmission, so I do not coil my cables. DIY single core cables: great performance, minimal cost.
  24. If you can get a good housing for your D800, by all means do so. I have one, and am happy with it. Takes great pictures of subjects big and small. Wetpixel classifieds and eBay are good places to start looking, ReefPhoto in Florida sells excellent used equipment. Good luck!
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