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  1. I have an excellent 45 degree Nauticam VF, 

    1. mrchen911


      I don't think that would work with my Sea & Sea housing

    2. Kraken de Mabini

      Kraken de Mabini

      Hi, just for my information, what is the diameter and length of the Sea&Sea viewfinder hole?  Thank you.  

    3. mrchen911


      I don't know, I haven't opened it yet, I'm waiting to get a hold of a new viewfinder first.

  2. I intend to buy an Olympus TG6 to use at home and also while diving. I had a TG4 with an Olympus housing and found the Olympus housing to be difficult to open and a bit awkward to use. Which housing have you used and would recommend? Is the Ikelite housing easy to use and reliable for the long term? Thank you.
  3. Hi Ajay: Nice photos of the Bobbitt worms, where in Lembeh did you find them? For the record, here are photos of the original Bobbitt's: John, the Bobbitt worm donor and Lorena, the lady with the sharp knife:
  4. Another approach is to use Velcro to retain the cables. This is useful for cables that are removed from time to time, where the retaining metal tabs might break off from repeatedly being bent back and forth. As shown here, the strobe trigger cables are held to the roof of the housing with a Velcro strip.
  5. Subal 180 viewfinder with 1.5 x magnification, rubber eye cup, full field view. In excellent condition, optics are perfect. For Subal and similar housings. $200 + $15 mailing. Los Angeles, CA. 68.elias@gmail.com
  6. Nudi from Anilao in need of ID. The two rhinophores are in the center of the nudi.
  7. Thank you all for the i.d. information. The Clavelina diagnosis seems to be right on, the fish photo is not that useful for identification, Triplefin is a good estimate. Next time I visit Lembeh I hope to encounter and photo these critters again!
  8. The two diffusers are on their way to their new home! Thank you for watching.
  9. Both the fish and the coral bush, from Lembeh, are in need of i.d.
  10. Hi, Tim: Another approach is to cut the clips out of an aluminum beverage can using regular scissors, and glue them in place with rubber or epoxy adhesive. As both surfaces of the can have a protective finish, a cut out clip should last nicely. Please let us know how you solved your problem.
  11. Good day, Tim: These clips are plastic but shd do the job: https://www.amazon.com/Wire-Clips/s?k=Wire+Clips Cheers! elias
  12. Two diffusers for Inon Z240 strobes, each with retaining screw and removable focus light lens, free to good home. Postage to USA $3- Paypal: 68.elias@gmail.com
  13. How about Google?: https://www.google.com/search?q=pseudocerus&rlz=1C1CHBF_enUS879US879&sxsrf=AJOqlzUv5Pn7Hk2WdUNYjZhQNrpv0fvanA%3A1674335501945&ei=DVXMY4GqObbhkPIPvZiu8A0&ved=0ahUKEwjB5M_mydn8AhW2MEQIHT2MC94Q4dUDCBA&uact=5&oq=pseudocerus&gs_lcp=Cgxnd3Mtd2l6LXNlcnAQAzIHCCMQsAIQJzIHCC4QDRCABDIHCC4QDRCABDIHCC4QDRCABDIHCAAQDRCABDIHCC4QDRCABDIHCAAQDRCABDIHCAAQDRCABDIHCAAQDRCABDIHCAAQDRCABDoKCAAQRxDWBBCwA0oECEEYAEoECEYYAFCRDFiPI2DwKmgBcAF4AIABS4gBggGSAQEymAEAoAEByAEIwAEB&sclient=gws-wiz-serp
  14. The white flat worm Pseudocerus meenae looks like it might be it or a close relative. http://www.wildsingapore.com/wildfacts/worm/polycladida/white.htm
  15. Agree with rwb500, it may be a fish tail or something similar, as it does not look like any worm or such.
  16. Elysia sp. 12 is also a possibility, see Gosliner et al: Nudibranchs & Sea Slug Identification, Indo-Pacific, p. 412 lower left photo.
  17. Maybe Elysia pusilla, but other opinions are welcome. ref: Neville Coleman's Nudibranchs Encyclopedia, p 70 - fourth and seventh photos.
  18. "Cerata orange with yellowish apices" (Gosliner et al), plus the curling and uncurling of its cerata does suggest that it is a Moridilla brockii.
  19. Yes, it is likely another marvel of microcomputers with associated circuitry, in the camera and in the strobe, "talking" to each other. I have taken apart a few damaged strobes and the complexity of their circuitry is mind boggling, some very sophisticated electronics work inside a strobe to flash its xenon tube.
  20. It has to do with the number of plug shoe plug contacts and wires connecting the camera to the strobe. In a plug with only two contacts, they close the circuit to fire the strobes, but carry no information to the camera. When more than two, the other contacts and wires transmit electrical pulses, i e, information, between the strobes and the camera, which is shown by the camera each time the strobes are fired.
  21. Olympus TG4 camera with Olympus underwater housing, works perfectly, lightly used, in excellent condition, no dings or scratches, never flooded; original Olympus boxes and manuals, O rings, battery and charger. (Los Angeles, Calif.) $ 375 - , $15 - shipping in US. Paypal: 68.elias@gmail.com
  22. Yup! Neville Coleman agrees, Mexichromis multituberculata it is. Nice close up shots!
  23. Hi, Alex: That is a nice viewfinder, not funky at all. It qualifies you for a First Class Wetpixel/Subal membership. Where did you get it?
  24. As of today, I have only five (5) Subal housings. Do I qualify for the Subal Users Group?
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