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  1. I was hoping it might have the gs180 viewfinder

    1. Kraken de Mabini

      Kraken de Mabini

      The GS180 viewfinder new is well over a thousand dollars, but with luck you can find a used one for about $500.   The standard viewfinder on this housing is over $200 new, so just it alone pays for the entire assembly.  This housing can be used underwater as it is, just add the camera and lens, readily available on eBay.  Or it can be used for spare parts, either way it pays for itself.    
      Cheers,  Elias



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    1. Kraken de Mabini

      Kraken de Mabini

      Welcome to Wetpixel, Diverkevin! I look forwward to your upcoming posts.



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