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  1. Dear Alex: The Subal plug and cord just arrived in fine condition, many thanks.  I will now proceed to replace the electric plug and install it in my trusty old housing.  Elias Amador

    1. alextyrrell


      Hi Elias, only just seen this message. I hope everything worked out OK and you have a functioning hot-shoe cable now?

    2. Kraken de Mabini

      Kraken de Mabini

      Yes, the ribbon cable had become unsoldered from the hot shoe, so I replaced it and the little red plastic plug. It required a bit of careful soldering using a low power microscope to see what I was doing, as each solder point was quite small.  Everything is together now, and I have learned some useful new repair tricks. 
      Many thanks for the gift, it is much appreciated.  elias amador

    3. alextyrrell


      Glad to hear it worked out for you, much better for it to be used in your housing than sitting in my cupboard 

  2. Hi, I sent you PM, hope you received it..  

  3. Hi Chris:

      this is the Wetpixel post on how to remove the Inon magnet using a paper clip:

    "On the Inon Z240, D2000 and D180 (and probably other Inon's), the push button assemblies for the light and TTL, located on the strobe's back,  unscrew from it for access to the magnets, without having to open the strobe case.

    For your strobe. two steps are indicated:

    First, reassemble the strobe carefully as the wire solder joints are fragile; make sure the O ring is clean. Test the strobe.

    Second: Remove the magnet as Serge described here in 2011:

    "Push the button in (don't turn it) and push a wire or a pin through the holes on the site to fix it. Than turn out the whole thing anticlockwise. This is by the way also the method to open the light switch button."


    Best of luck!




    Edited December 23, 2019 by Kraken de Mabini "

    1. ChrisRoss


      Great, Thanks, Knew it was around somewhere!

  4. Bill:  Where do you buy the Asahi-Kasei 613 core cable?  Thank you.

    1. bvanant


      I buy it from Industrial Fiber Optics.



      It is now $7.50 per meter. The 1300 core is $7.72 per meter and it works great too.


  5. Triggerfish shows us two photos of his simple and ingenious trigger.  The parts list is:

    T6 LED, two, available as CREE XML T6 on eBay.  Mouser Electronics and similar  may also sell them, but eBay is cheaper.

    23A-12V battery, the Duracell 21/23 model may be the best.

    TIP-22 transistor from Mouser or Digikey electronics.

    Roer RS black part shown in photo may be a Roer RockerSwitch, need clarification.

    Resistor 1K

    Connector, need suggestion.

    Board and mount for the LEDs and components.
    Please make suggestions, additions and corrections to the above.

      Let us hope another knowledgeable Wetpixeler will design and publish  a TTL board. 


  6. Hi Kevin57:

      If I may make a suggestion, as I have sold a fair number of things, it is to put one strobe up for auction on eBay, starting at say $289, then if it sells,  auction the remaining pair, with good photos and emphasis on their excellent, almost new condition.  

    On Wetpixel, my feeling is that if an item does not sell in 2 weeks or so, then its chances of selling are on the low side.

    Best of luck!


    1. Kevin57


      Thanks...They just sold..

      Better to be lucky than good I guess.


  7. Hi, I have two Inon Z240, and two D2000,  strobes for sale in fine, perfect working condition, with original boxes and all original accessories, should you be interested.  

    1. serpentara


      Thank you. I am looking for the Z330 or the Retra. 

  8. post ad

    1. Kraken de Mabini

      Kraken de Mabini

      Welcome to Wetpixel, Diverkevin! I look forwward to your upcoming posts.



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