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  1. Are you still interested in a Subal ND800 housing w the GS180 viewfinder? If so, please email 68.elias@gmail.com for details. Posted 29 Jan 2016.
  2. Hi Hermit Crab: I have an excellent, just overhauled Subal D800 housing, no problems or dings, everything works perfectly, with complete O-ring kit, optical and electronic ports, leak detector, camera tray, handles, flotation, rated for 120 Meters, for sale. I will return to the US on Jan 22 '16 should you be interested. email: 68.elias@gmail.com
  3. The flotation for my Subal ND800 works fine, made of Plexiglass or ABS sheet and closed cell PVC foam (must be closed cell to not get water logged), attached with stainless bolts. The Plexiglass top is shaped with a hand power saw and drill and a hand coping saw, with 4 ULCS balls and a compass attached. The flotation is Divinycell foam, with a volume of about 0.6 liters. Two PVC pipe spacers provide rigidity and hold the bolts, through 25 mm holes in the PVC foam. The foam pieces can be glued together with plumbers PVC glue, or held with cable ties, and spray painted black. The carrying handle is nylon cloth tape, with a hole (burned with a hot nail) at each end for a SS bolt, inside a flexible plastic tube with side holes drilled in it to free flood. Flotation for each Inon Z240 strobe is eight 50 x 15 mm bars of foam secured between two duct tapes; a rubber band cut from an inner tube holds it on the strobe. Each 4 inch arm and clamps has separate foam floats, about 0.36 liter volume. Underwater the entire assembly weighs just a few hundred grams. The idea is to have just a bit of negative buoyancy, with the centers of flotation for the housing and each strobe being more or less directly over their centers of weight, to allow for free camera and strobe placement. Materials I used: Divinycell foam, 1 or 3/4 inch thick PN 01-12600 or -12800 Aircraft Spruce, https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/ cmpages/divinycellfoam.php. Plexiglass or ABS 4 mm sheet, 305 x 80 mm, Stainless hex head bolts, four 5 x 60 mm & four washers, Thin-wall 3/4 inch PVC tube, two 50 mm lengths (Sch40 is too thick walled), Nylon climbing tape 16 x 500 mm, Tygon tube, 13 id x 300 mm, PVC glue or cable ties, ULCS ball mounts, four, SKU: ul-ba-aqw, Bolts & nuts, eight, 1/4-20, aluminum or SS, Black spray paint, Old inner tube or thick rubber bands, Drill w 1/4" bit, coping saw, wood saw, sharp blade. - Good luck! 68.elias@gmail.com
  4. For adapters for the Sea&Sea MDX housings to Subal 3 or 4 type ports, try the Precision adapters made by UWCameraStuff.com.
  5. Hi, UWCameraStuff may have an adapter for the MDX Sea&Sea housing to Subal T4 ports, and soon for the T3 ports. The T4 ports have the added advantage of a large internal air volume leading to less UW weight.
  6. Which housing and lenses are compatible w this port? Thank you.
  7. Are you still interested in an excellent D7000 housing with port? Please email me 68.elieas@gmail.com
  8. ​ AQUATICA D200 Digital Housing in excellent condition, never flooded, no scratches on the LED windows and port lenses, all controls are clean ​ and water-proof ​. ​ ​ Nikonos type bulkhead with water-proof cap. The shutter release, all controls and buttons work smoothly and easily. The built-in hot shoe cable connects properly and is like new. The two cover ​locks ​close securely ​and easily for a water proof seal, and have a built-in safety latch to prevent accidental unlocking. The mating surfaces between the back and front halves, front port, and O-ring grooves are in perfect condition. The camera tray slides and locks in place easily. The main O-ring and a spare O-ring are both new. (S/N 20051-120) Shipping to the continental USA is free. International shipping paid by buyer via PayPal, to guarantee secure delivery. Price $ 499​- US or make good offer. Questions: 68.elias@gmail.com ​​
  9. Hi Alex I just went through the same buying considerations as you. They are quality, ease of use, complete control of the camera, weight in air (airline expense), weight in the water (diver fatigue with heavy housings, and really, last is price. If you travel, the expense of each trip to the dive site outweights the price of the housing. I have owned these housings: Ikelite, Aquatica, Recsea, Nauticam, Anthis-Nexus and Subal. My close friends use Subal and Sea&Sea, and they are spoiled and demanding. My most recent housing is the Subal ND800 and it is super! If I had to buy again, I would buy either Subal or Sea&Sea. The Nikon D7100 is a super camera. You are lucky to have such a wide choice of housings.
  10. is the lens still available? Hood, box? 68.elias@gmail.com
  11. Is the Subsee adapter still available? email reply: 68.elias@gmail.com Thanx
  12. Are theses Subsee and adapter still for sale? I live near Anaheim email: 68.elias@gmail.com Thanx
  13. Good day. I am interested in the Subal lens gears and port adapter My email is 68.elias@gmail.com California, zip 90275. $25. ? Elias Amador
  14. For buttons you might try making them out of stainless bolts of the correct diameter, thred and shape, with the button head mzde of ABS plastic. You can mold ABS very easily using shavings and ABS glue. Acetone also dessolves it and dries fast, it can then be sanded to shaped. Heating for about 3 minutes in a kitchen over set to just above boiling water temp (120 C) softens the ABS so it can be finger molded. Have fun!
  15. Hello. I have a great, complete Aquatica D700 housing with ports, excellent shape. Please see my posting here, or contact me at 68.elias@gmail.com
  16. Aquatica Housing with Ports and Nikon D200 Camera - Package consists of: NIKON D200 camera in excellent working condition, with Nikon cap, English Manual, Nikon strap, battery charger and EN-EL3e battery pack. The shutter, mirror, pentaprism, built-in flash, body finish and controls are in like new conditon, the LCD windows have no scratches. S/N 3218106. 6,032 shutter actuations. and AQUATICA D200 Digital Housing, with two ports and one extension port, all in excellent condition, as follows: Macro MF/AF lens port with soft cover, Port extension, Dome port (8" diam.) never used, in brand new condition, with a soft dome cover. S/N 20051-120, and new Aquatica Focus Gear A80/90/4 for a Nikkor lens. With these ports you can use the macro 60 mm, macro 105 mm, 18-55 mm zoom and zoom wide angle or similar lenses. Condition: The housing has never been flooded, has no scratches on the body or windows. All controls are clean, water-proof and work smoothly. The Nikonos bulkhead has a water-proof cap. The shutter release, controls and buttons all work easily. The housing back closes securely with twin safety locks for a water proof seal. The mating surfaces between the back and front halves, and the O-ring grooves are in perfect condition The O rings and extra O-rings for the body and ports are new. Free shipping to the continental USA, International shipping paid via PayPal, to guarantee secure delivery. Shipping to the continental USA is free. International shipping buyer pays via PayPal, to guarantee secure delivery. $ 998.99 Paypal, Questions: 68.elias at gmail.com
  17. Hello: Try this guy, he just updated his Subal and has a D300 Subal housing for sale: Jim Black jim.black14@verizon.net Good luck!
  18. Canon WP-DC38 Underwater Housing for the Canon PowerShot S95, like new, used in one trip, with box, manual, flash diffuser, wrist strap, neck strap, silicone lubricant and Canon O-ring. Never flooded, no scratches or damage. The controls give access to all camera functions. The housing is made of clear polycarbonate with a coated glass port. The camera's built-in flash is used within the housing with the flash diffuser. An external connector for a strobe fiberoptic cable can be attached to the strobe window. Two Canon WW-DC1 housing weights are included for buoyancy control. Paypal US $99.oo Shipping within continental US $8.99, international shipping via Paypal.
  19. Hi, I have the housing and strobe, both in excellent condition, no flooding or damage of any sort. Only used twice, with manuals, boxes, O rings. Housing is a Recsea 95, US 250. Strobe is Sea&Sea YS-01 with two fiberoptic cables US 350 Free shipping continental US. Paypal. Please reply to email: 68.elias@gmail.com
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