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  1. I have had an e-m1 and housing for some years and last year/this year asked myself the same question:update? I decided to not update. IMO too much money for too little really usefull advantages. Last year I got a spare em-1 body, and 2 spare on camera flashes, I know how everything works. If I was doint 200 dives a year I might upgrade, but for me it is like 20-30 dives with camera, and I really believe differences in IQ between the 16MP and the 20MP sensor are not that big (I do use FF and MF on land, so I believe to be able to see differences in IQ) and AF-speed of first generation em5 and em1 is not bad at all (at least in S-AF). So IMO - just keep what you have and know to use, and wait for the next generation which might offer a real step forward.
  2. The little flash of the Em1 can be faulty. I had a faulty unit, now allways bring a spare on dive vacations. I dont know if it can do burst, but I know it is not a solid unit.
  3. does it also work for the 12-40?
  4. I think in case of the EM1 the decision is not so easy for me. Not because the EM1II is probably excellent and better than the EM1, the problem is more that the EM1 is allready so good (and pretty fast AF). I believe in earlier times the development steps from one generation to the next were bigger than today, where allmost all cameras are pretty good already. For me it also depends how often does one use the equipment. For someone regualary using it its an easier decision than for someone like me who does maybe only 20-30 dives a year. I am facing similar decisions right now trying to decide for a projector and trying to decide between a 4k projector and a HD model. In one way I think the HD will do it for me, on the other side I think I have spend so much money in photography equipment (Leica S etc) that I should not save in the last stage of image viewing chain.
  5. For me it would come up how the improvements really show in real life. Noise behaviour, AF-speed etc etc. If the new version was fitting my Nauticam housing I would probably switch anyways, but I dont think it will fit. So for me as an exisiting owner it is more a difference if I sell my 2 EM1I lets say for 600 each, and sell the Nauticam housing for 1000 and then buy a new housing and only one EM1II and forget about a backup, I have to spend at least 1500 Euro. If I want a abckup like I have today the difference is 3300 Euro. And then there is the 1/320 sync time the EM1I offers. So I will for sure wait and see how big the advantages of the EM1II are in real life.
  6. I talked to Olympus on Photokina. THe EM1-II does not fit the Olympus EM-1 housing. There will be a new Olympus hoauing for the II. The grip is a little fatter and the flash also has become bigger. Therefore I am afraid it will also not fit the EM-1 Nauticam housing. But that is just my guess/assumption.
  7. I am a little in the same boat like you owning a ZEN170mm Dome (however the Version 2 with integrated 30mm extension). I have used the 12-40 and the 9-18 behind that DOME. I really like the 12-40 because it is so flexible. Its my fav underwater lens. I now added the Pana 7-14 because its really wide. The 9-18 is in between, so I think in the future I will use either 12-40 , or for wreck and caves the 7-14. If I did have that DOME allready I would have gone for the Oly 7-14 for f2.8 and weather sealing. I also think the Oly focuses slightly closer than the Pana if I understand right. If 12mm is wide enough for you I would really recommend the 12-40, great IQ, very good close focusing, f2.8, opticly great and weather sealed. Its the perfect lens if you dont know whta will happen during your dive.
  8. Kendal suggests (for certain applications) to use the light with blue filter to match it ambient light and then use a red filter on camera. The goal would be that the whole seen is lighted with matching color temperature. I assume this idea is not new and wondered if you guys do this?? Is it only done for video or do you also use it for still? So far I dont filter and therefore for everything far away color is too cold. Now if I used red filter without filtering the flash/lights with blue I would get nice color at far distance but too warm at close distance. In many cases this seems to work fine for everything in reach of my flash/light. Probably I have to further experiment myself but I was really interested what is most commen? 1) dont filter and use white light 2) red filter on camera even when using flash 3) use "blue" artificial light and red filter on camera
  9. Thanks ! I contacted ZEN. my version of the 170ZEN is too small. I think I will go with the Pana since selling my used dome and buying a new one + extension is too expensive for my limited use
  10. I own a df and agree that I wondered why nobody uses it under water. The sensor and its high ISO capability, as well as color are excellent and I am sure would lead to great images under water. Also its quite small for a DSLR. I use m43 under water anyways.
  11. From what I read here the ZEN170II which I own doesnt work at all for the 7-14 Oly. Or do I understand something wrong?
  12. If I didnt have a ZEN170mm Dome allready I would probably go for the 180mm Nauticam Dome and buy the Oly 7-14. Since the Oly seems to not work with the ZEN I will probably buy the PANA 7-14 and live with f4.
  13. I just left my backup em-1 at home for my last 2 week dive vacation. Just to realize the on camera flash didn't work, so I couldn't trigger my sea& sea flashes. I wished to have my backup em1 with backup on camera flash. Next time I will bring a backup! In the end it depends how important it is to YOU. Another option I though about is to by a smaller backup like a TG-4 with housing. I could use it on the boat and at the beach and in case the main rig fails one has at least something to take some images.
  14. Hi there, I can not open the video in Germany - it says because the rights of the music it doesnt open ;( I also own a fisheye but dive in mediterean sea where fishes are not so many and not so big. Thanks! I checked and my ZENII dome seems to not work for the Oly 7-14 just for the Pana 7-14,Oly 9-18 and 12-40
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