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  1. All, thank you so much for this very valuable information. You gave me more information here and so promptly that any vendor in the US i have contacted. Thank you again. I ll review in details also the previous postings. Happy Shooting
  2. Adam, Thank you for the pics...what ball brand do you use on top of the legs of the gorilla...I am struggling to get a firm one it keeps rotating and is loose. Thanks Pier
  3. Thank you so much guys...i didn't expect to generate so much interest in the topic, including some lovely picture postings. Apology if this was somewhat discuss previously, i could not find the trend. I do use the 7-14 for splits, but there are certain things I want to do with fisheye...and I have got decent result with the acryclic 4" dome + 20mm extension or the older panasonic 8mm with the 4" dome without the 20mm extension. I have a DP170N120 and I was interested to see if anyone had tried connecting with a N80-n10 converter, it looks like Wolfgang is already tried and it seems to be working on the surface. Spermwhale, I am curious to know which is the 6" dome SpermWhale uses with the 7-14mm f2.8 oly? because I thought the only way to shoot this lens is N85-N120, 20mm N120 extension and DP170 (which is a 7in). Wolfang, I was not aware I could sue a tokina or canon fisheye zooms, I would really like to try these lenses, what adapteur do you use for these lenses on micro 4/3 system. Thank you.
  4. Hello, I would like to shoot the Olympus 8mm f1.8 fisheye lens on a large dome, mainly for splits. I have achieved resonable results with the 4.33" Acrylic dome + 20mm extension, but would like to try it with a bigger dome. I have a DP170N120 which I use for the 7-14mm f2.8 + N85-N120 55mm with Focus Knob adaptateur and 20mm extension. I have tried to use the DP170N120 with the above n85-n120 converter, (without the extension ring) but I get a bit of the top corner cut off. Looking at what is available Nauticam makes an N85-N120 coverter that is only 34mm. (https://www.nauticam.com/products/n85-to-n120-34-7mm-port-adaptor-for-metabones-ef-mft-mount-t-speed-booster-ultra-0-71x) I am wondering if this would work and if indeed there is no corner cropping if the different curvature would not be a problem. I understand there is a DP170N85 dome but that would mean to purchase a full second dome. Has anyone tried? Thank you
  5. Hi, I was wondering if since 2016 anyone has actually purchased and tried the Subtronic Sirius and if they any feedback?
  6. Chris, I can confirm that indeed looks like after 25-27m the pressure brings back the shutter leave about 2mm blocking the rest of the function. Manually need to pull out the leaver from the insite, just slightly. I will let reef photo know that looks like perhaps Nauticam needs a stronger spring on the lever. Thank you to put me on the right track.
  7. All, looks like I am experiencing the same problems. At first I had two YS-d1 that failed, nothing could seemed broken from the outside on the same dive, no show of water ingress, when sent back to dealer and on to Sea and Sea, user error, water ingress - I don't believe it. Bought two YS-d2, one of my Ys-d2 flash tube fragmented yesterday with no apparent issue, water or anything. Ship it and attempt to repair will cost more than a new strobe, so here you go. The only thing we can do is to no longer purchase Sea & Sea. If someone knows where I could get my hands on a flash tube I would attempt to fix it myself. Thank you.
  8. Hi Amiral, How old are these strobes? Year of purchase as new? And batteries? Thank you.
  9. Chris i think you are right, thank you for your help, i will try tomorrow if i manage to do a deeper dive...thank you so much
  10. Thank you all very helpful...i think u are right that is a button that locks out everythig, i think is the shutter button, i tried on surface and it has that effect, so likely could be that spring that at depth doest push the lever all the way out, if i will do a deeper dive tomorrow will test this theory. Thank you.
  11. Hi Adam, what would you say is difference between v1 and v3? I have two Pete Ledell remote sensor they work well.... but the flat face i think is limiting a bit side light, is the angelfish better with getting light from the side...have you tried to trigger them far away? I can triggers Pete from quite far, wondering if these are even more sensitive. Thx
  12. Hi Patrick Looks like i am having similar issues, yeaarrday i posted basicaly the same question...seee topid nauuticam housing buttons not woring at deppth.. I was wondering if since december u have found more data. Pier
  13. Ttm, thank you for your prompt reply, i ruled out alignment as i thin the issue would not be depth dependent it would show all the time and at the surfce, i checked today out of the wateer and this buttons hardness to press seems the same as the one that do work...i wonder if could be a camera issue othe than a housing issue, perhaps it sees pressure en though is in the housing? Or inside the housing i always 1atm - vacuum pull?
  14. Thank you so much for you tips and advance knowledge let me study in detail the info you provided it. Tha k you all
  15. Hi, Any suggestions for which dry gloves work best for uw photography? (I have a Santi drysuit and a Nauticam Housing ML). I have seen a few posts on the issue but dated 2009. Thank you for your help. Pier A Mane
  16. Hi all, I am experiencing a frustrating problem with my Nauticam NA-EM1 MII housing back buttons, this include the Play, Menu, and the arrow buttons. The issue manifest itself only below 26-27m depth, where they basically become irresponsive to my commands, forcing me to shoot blind without feedback at depth. The whole system and all buttons work well at surface when testing and throughout the dives above these I am wondering if anyone else has seen this issue? is it perhaps related to the vacuum system? anyone fixed it? Thank you. Pier
  17. Hi, I am considering purchasing a set of subtronics 270, they currently have two models out there the 270 and the 270 Fusion. The only difference is the 270 Fusion has a 25W video light, that suppose to deliver ~2800lumen for an additional 350euro/each. I am wondering if anyone has a feeling if the 270 Fusion is worthwile or it is better perhaps to buy a video lamp for 700euro of similar or higher power. I do not shoot much video at the moment. Additionally, when it comes to resell, is your view that hte 270 fusion will retain more value than the 270 and will be easier to resell? Thank you so much for your views.
  18. Thank you, I presume the accidental protection for the second one is no longer available right?
  19. Hi, do u still have the housing, how much are you looking for?
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