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  1. Is this the site you are looking for? https://biogeodb.stri.si.edu/sftep/en/pages
  2. I had one of these TTL converters for my Olympus C-8080 camera to a Nikonos 105 strobe. The chip fit in the camera hot shoe and then was connected to the strobe through a housing bulkhead and Nikonos syn cord. My chip was somewhat shorter than the one shown in your picture but they had to be ordered for the specific camera. It worked reasonably well although I got over exposures fairly often but the HeinrichsWeikamp compatible chart available at the time noted that it was 'marginal' for the Nikonos 105 because of the strobe's slow shutdown speed. However, I can not find my manual or any info on it on my present computer. The company was very customer responsive and even updated mine for free when an update became available.
  3. I use Adobe Photoshop Elements 2018 but I am under the impression that most people on this site are using Adobe Lightroom. I have been using Elements for a very long time and don't want to give up 'spot healing' or relearn a new system so have never changed to Lightroom. I think some people use Lightroom and then use full Photoshop if they need additional items but the full Photoshop is expensive and I don't use any of the full Photoshop/Lightroom photo storage/management options.
  4. I went to Cozumel in December. Camera equipment in REI backpack which is how I usually travel with it. Got green light and no problems.
  5. Thanks for the info. I have purchased the UWL-09F and made a few dives and used it with the a6400 and kit 16-50 lens. The corner sharpness was very disappointing compared to my old NEX-5N with a 10Bar semi-dome and kit 18-55 lens. But I was shooting mostly at F8 and F9. So what ISO do you typically use when shooting at F13 at depth? Thanks,
  6. I have a Sony a6400, Fantasea housing, and the 16-50 lens. With this combination, will I get better resolution, etc. with a dome port or by using the Fantasea UWL-09F? What are the pros/cons of each? Thanks
  7. I just bought the Fantasea housing for the Sony a6400 and have been putting everything together; won't get to dive with it until Sept. 20. The little screwdriver that is included with the Fantasea kit is junk and the fiber optic screw is hard to turn. After punching a hole in the end of my finger, I reached into my desk draw and got a somewhat better screwdriver which worked much better, https://www.amazon.com/Stanley-6-Piece-Jewelers-Precision-Screwdriver/dp/B00002X29G?ref_=fsclp_pl_dp_2 .
  8. I have just purchased a Sony a6400, Fantasea housing, and Fantasea wet wide lense. Interested in hearing how others have setup the various camera buttons/functions. Also interested in how much float this rig will need to be slightly negative with two Inon 240Z strobes. Thanks,
  9. I mailed my strobe to SeaFrogs on June 17. Postal tracking indicates it was delivered to their Hong Cong address the morning of June 25. After not hearing anything from SeaFrogs for a month I sent them an email on July 25 requesting status of their inspection and repair. On July 27 I sent a followup email with the postal tracking info attached and asking when I could expect their evaluation of the strobe. After a week, they have not responded to either email. Definitely disappointed with SeaFrogs lack of customer service and lack of even responding to my emails on status. At the least they could let me know if they if they plan on doing nothing so that I could make plans on obtaining another strobe.
  10. I sent an email to SeaFrogs discussing my strobe flashing and not firing. They replied that I would need to send strobe to their office for inspection and repair and provided an address to send to. I wrapped strobe in bubble wrap, built a small box from an old camera lens box, and packaged as small as possible and mailed First Class International (no insurance or other options). The cost to mail this way was $24 which is less than what I had seen on various sites like this one but others may have included more mailing options or larger boxes. I will let you know what they decide after they inspect the strobe and respond.
  11. I will send them an email but based on the experience of people on this and other sites it seems that it would likely be a waste of another $60 to mail back to them. Especially since the strobe no longer appears on either the SeaFrogs or Meikon websites which suggests they know it has problems since they removed it from their product list so quickly. However, it is still available on other trading sites some of which still imply it does TTL for cameras other than Nikon via electrical cables Have they done anything to make TTL via fiber optics work?
  12. My ST-100-Pro has about 15 dives (maybe 600-800 shots) on it. I purchased it directly from the SeaFrogs website (https://seafrogs.com.hk) November 2018. When I put batteries in it last week for a trip to Cozumel it appeared to be working (red light turned green, strobe fired). I packed it in my carry on luggage and flew to Cozumel (I loosened the battery cap slightly but not fully unscrewed). When I got to Cozumel, tightened the battery cap, and turned the strobe on the red light flashed on and off rather than being constant and the light would never turn green. The flash would not fire with the red light flashing. I tried turning it on/off many times, let it continue flashing for > 5 minutes, and replaced batteries several times. The focus light came on as usual without any problem. I took it on 2 dives (max. depth ~ 80') hoping the pressure might make a difference. No joy; the red light kept flashing and the flash would not fire (I tried turning it on/off multiple times while under water). So I put it back in my carry on luggage and brought back to US. I couldn't find anything in the manual mentioning the light flashing. Any similar experience and/or thoughts on possible problems/fixes before I throw it in the trash and make sure I never again purchase any SeaFrogs component?
  13. HeinrichsWeikamp used to make TTL converters for many strobes but no longer do so. These included a bulkhead for your specific housing and strobe. I have one for my Nikonos 105, Olympus 8080, and Olympus housing but I no longer use that system. The HeinrichsWeikamp chart of applicable strobes included the Nikonos 105 but noted that it was at the limit of what they could provide due to the flash duration of the 105. It worked OK but I did get some over-exposures but this may have my lack of knowledge more than the converter. Sorry to see them stop making them since they had excellent response/customer service and even updated my board for free at one point.
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