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  1. Thanks all. I just returned from the Galapagos. I used a 5mm with a hooded 5/3 vest. When we hit the colder water, a 1mm rash guard really saved me. I'll take 7mm next time.
  2. I am also a new user. I find the specific workings of the website are hard to figure out. For example, I posted a brief question concerning which wetsuit to use in the Galapagos. Once I'm satisfied with the responces, how do I terminate the post. Surely you don't want that post to stay there forever.
  3. I'll be on the Galapagos Sky in early September. I have a 7mm suit. and I also have a 5mm suite with a separate hooded vest. Can you advise?
  4. I was on a night dive lately and ALL of my video was ruined because the auto-focus wouldn't work. I had great lights. I'm using an Olympus Pen epl-2. ????????
  5. I'm James, a new member from Glen Ellen, CA. I have alot of diving experience, but only took-up UWphotography a couple of years age. I have an Olympus PEN Epl-2, with housing and strobes. I think my photos should look better than what I'm getting. Get ready for a bunch of questions!
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