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    Nikon D90
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    S&S YS-D1
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    macro 105, 18/105
  1. Hi guys, I have for sale, an UW Nimar/Nikon D90 set, with Nikkor 18-105 mm lense, with 2 flat ports for 18-105mm and macro 105mm. 1100 €. (shiping not included) I´m selling it because I got by second hand another Nikon D90 body with Hugyfot case, the list price of the Nimar housing was around 1000 €, and 400€ each flat port, in other hand I bought the camera new, the Kit is composed by: Camera Nikon D90 + lense 18-105 mm Housing Nimar D90, Flat port for 18-105 mm Flat port for 105 mm macro Some photos of the kit... D90 carcasa Nimar by AH Magadan, en Flickr D90 carcasa Nimar by AH Magadan, en Flickr Everything is in good shape, I use this UW set only one summer...
  2. I rather prefer Nimar than Ikelite, The Nimar housing looks stronger and better built than Ikelite...
  3. Hi, I have a Nimar case for my nikon D90 with 2 YS-D1 and I´m very happy with it... it looks stronger and safer than the Ikelite, If you cannot affor a 2000 € UW housing this Nimar is a good option, and the new restyling of the Nimar housings look really good...
  4. Hi all, I am Alfonso from Asturias (Spain), I use 2 bodies of D90, in a Nimar and a Hugyfot housings, with 2 YS-D1 and YS110 flashes.
  5. Hi guys, I´m really happy with my UW case Nimar for nikon D90, I bought this case few years ago and I was really happy, the case looks really stronger and secure than the Ikelite, I only changed it because I got an amazing offer of a Hugyfot D90 housing!! but still I use my Nimar from time to time...
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