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  1. Which 105 do 5 use.AF or AF-S?
  2. If the viewfinder is available separately please send me an email at sjalbon@live.com Cheers
  3. Would you post 45 degree viewfinder to Australia? My email is sjalbon@live.com
  4. Would you post to Australia. My email is sjalbon@live.com Cheers SteveA
  5. Thanks for the prompt reply Audrey. Look forward to hearing from. Cheers. SteveA
  6. If you are happy to post to Australia, I would like to purchase the vacuum kit at the advertised price. My email is sjalbon@live.com Cheers.
  7. Sorry to hear the news. Would your friend consider selling the strobe by itself? Mail me at sjalbon@live.com
  8. Looking for a Nauticam 70mm Extension Ring with Lock. I am situated in Adelaide, Australia. If you can help out please email me at sjalbon@live.com Cheers.
  9. Would like to purchase dome if price is in Australian dollars. I am in adelaide. Please post me at sjalbon@live.com
  10. Is an you your gear still available for sale? Please email me at sjalbon@live.com Cheers. SteveA
  11. Would you consider selling the Nauticam Viewfinder as a seperate item? Please contact me at sjalbon@live.com Regards Stevea
  12. Can you e-mail me at sjalbon@live.com please. I would like to purchase 16-35 zoom gear at advertised price. Cheers
  13. Are you interested in splitting any of the gear yet? SteveA
  14. Would be very interested in Nauticam Floating Arms if available. Please contact at sjalbon@live.com. Cheers SteveA
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