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  1. I have these problems both with the additional W/A lens as well as without it. The W/A lens is a Sakar 0.45x 58 mm lens. So when using that, there are no camera silver parts visible. I have attached 2 photos of the w/a lens and as you can see, many rings are created by it internally, so nothing can be matted or painted black there. Could other w/a lenses be better? Or do they also have similar appearance which would relfect on the dome? What do the Sony and Keno W/A lenses look like from the front? Without the additional lens, the rings (just somewhat different) appear. In that case I could paint some part of the camera silver rings black, just I am afraid that even in that case the camera lens itself might relfect from the dome. Without the w/a lens the camera is also at least 2/3 inces from the dome port internal surface, which I assume makes things even worse.
  2. I was trying to film a wreck in pitched black 35 degrees water yesterday here in Tallinn and even with the dual (but quite weak, 35 and 75 halogen) external lights the lighted details of the wreck created this relfection. Initially I also thought that this happens only in clear blue waters when sunlight from surface enters the dome port when you shoot upwards, but this experience proved me wrong.
  3. Has anyone else sometimes notice a reflection/flare/halo when taking video underwater, when the light reflects back from lens to the dome port and then on to the final result, showing as 1-2 silver rings? I have attached some frame grabs to illustrate the point. I am using an Equinox housing w Panasonic GS400 camera and sometimes an additional wide angle lens converter that came with the housing. These rings appear quite often and drive me nuts. Can anything be done? Are other Equinox users seeing this?
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