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  1. Thinking about selling my Ikelite 6871.02 eTTL Housing for Canon 5D Mark II Bought it off here used from a member in the beginning of summer and just haven't had time to really use it. Its very clean All seals are well taken care of Used in fresh water a half dozen times. Everything for 1200 shiped Ill also include a Mountain Smith Camera bag( that fits this perfectly) for another$75 if your interested 8'domeport 5510.24 Zoom body 5510.11 Wide angle 2 Ikelite 1.5' Arms with flash light adapters Extra seals All front Port Locks were replaced brand new (9072.24) 2 Zoom /focus rings
  2. it seemed to be any light underwater. i emailed ikelite and he said dont shoot in the sun. I feel thats a real crappy response as they should be addressing this and offer neoprene sleeves or something at least to buy for your lens? no strobes and no filters.
  3. im not using any filters or strobes curretly , FYI
  4. Just picked up a ikelite housing for the 5d2 and i had it out yesterday shooting and i was in multiple lighting situations and I was getting lens refelection in the 8' dome port when i would go underwater. I emailed ikelite and well see what they recommend. sounds like everyone is using gaffers tape/socks etc.. Im pretty unimpressed with this situation as I have a 200 dollar ewa marine ziplock bag that yields better photos than this 2500 dollar housing /setup? I would never trust my ziplock bag however and i know ill work out the kinks but just a little erg'd thanks!! C
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