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  1. Sold Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  2. These are still available, I will sell as a pair or single strobes. $675 for the pair, $350/strobe.
  3. Dropping price to $675 for the pair, buyer pays shipping.
  4. Trying to clear out some equipment that I am not using. First up is a pair of Sea & Sea YS-D1 strobes. Both have never been flooded and are in excellent condition. I have 2 pairs of defusers (100 & 120), 2 neoprene sleeves to protect the strobes, 3 extra battery caps, manuals. Asking $400/strobe or $750 for the pair shipped in the US. Will ship overseas, but buyer pays postage.
  5. Does this have the port lock? Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  6. It is still available and I will pay shipping inside the US.
  7. Dropping price to $1000. Final drop, if no interest at a $1000, then I will hang on to the camera and sell locally this summer. Thanks
  8. Thanks for the interest, but I want to either sell the whole setup or I will hang on to it.
  9. Just bought a full frame setup and need to sale my current setup. I am selling a Canon t4i w/ Canon 18-55mm lens, extra battery, Sea and Sea RDX650D housing with 2 arm tray, Sea and Sea Macro Port, NX Compact dome, RDX Standard Port, RDX Port Base L, 18-55mm zoom gear and neoprene covers. All is in excellent shape. I will throw in the extra O-ring kits for everything. Asking $1200 for it all shipped in USA! I also have a Go Pro setup for sale that I mounted on the hotshoe of the RDX, if interested in both setups I will make a bundle price, just pm me. Will also consider parting out: T4i w/ 18-55mm lens- $300 ( I have the box and all documents/cd) Housing with Std Port and two arm tray- $600, NX Compact Port - $250 Port Base L -$80
  10. Recently purchased a full frame DSLR setup and need to sell off my other equipment. So up for grabs... Go Pro Hero 4 Black, 3 Go Pro batteries, Light and Motion Sidekick Duo, Ultralight Control Systems Go Pro Handle and Tray, double battery charger, Backscatter 3.1 Flip system with Deep, Dive, and shallow filters, MacroMate Mini lens and deep dive and shallow color correction filters for the Macro Mate, Extra Flip adapter to save time switching filters, and a pluck foam case. Retails for over $1200, letting go for $650. All items in great condition, one of the dive filters have a small scratch, but does not effect the quality of pics/video taken.
  11. That is good to know going forward, great way to test a lens before dropping $1000+
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