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  1. Hey @pooley I'm likely to go to Kenya or Cozumel the 12-28th, so if I'm there lets go for a few dives?
  2. It seems like Cozumel is back on the list. So it's either Cozumel or Kenya now! Thanks for all the advice folks.
  3. Hey @Draq I appreciate the feedback nevertheless, despite having grabbed a fantastic lens at a fantastic price Where I am now is that I'd usually use something like the 105 should I go to somewhere like Tulamben / Lembeh, because it's a perfect lens. With the 105 on a crop however, unless the water is super clear, the working distance on a crop camera is almost too great for anything medium/big. With the 60 I'm hoping that'll be a nice medium for dives where "anything can happen" and I suspect having seen other people's photos, the IQ is really good, as it is a prime. 85 would bring me too close to the 105 - I've no problem using a 105mm, in fact I love using it, but it's got it's place. For example, I went diving in North Wales a few weeks ago, and I got two subjects which were great of the 105, but everything else was just too big due to visibility - the working distance is fine, but there is no way to get clean shots on larger subjects with a 105 on a crop, when vis is 3m. I'm looking forward to seeing your 85mm shots if you're able to fix your strobe issue (hopefully it wasn't optical cables, cause I'd suggest you always keep a backup solution to DIY optical cables on a trip).
  4. Fingers crossed @TimG - I'll hopefully post some UK Water pictures with it
  5. @TimGIf you're willing to buy used (even approved used from places like MPB) and hopefully throw a bit less into landfill as a result, there are some decent deals. I just nabbed one "like new" with all original packaging, both caps + hood (which I'll probably get rid of) for £380
  6. Hey @TimG are you specifically talking about the Nikon AF-S Micro NIKKOR 60mm f/2.8G ED? That's the one that is compatible with the 18701 60mm macro port, but oddly enough the older one requires 18211- Compact Port Base + 18301 Compact Port 30. I'll go hunting now
  7. Thanks folks. I think I'll go with the 60mm as it's relatively affordable, and bide my time until I get a proper 8.5" dome in the future. The outlay to get the big dome + zoom gear + sigma is a bit extreme. With the 60 I already have everything I need and only need to get the lens. @TimG love the shark portrait!!
  8. Hey folks, I've got a 105 and a 10-17 paired with a d500 (crop). Sometimes I do go on dives and I don't know what to expect, and I've heard very mixed reviews about the 17-70. Whilst I have a small dome, I'd have to upgrade the dome + get a zoom gear if I wanted to get a 17-70. However I do have a 60mm macro port. The 105mm is just too zoomed in and requires at least semi decent vis to do fish portraits. Question: would the 60mm be good for both fish portrait and macro, on a dive where you don't know what to expect? Or should a 17-70 be better? I've not found many topics about it but I do know 60mm is very preferable in Blackwater diving at least! Thanks!
  9. Hi @marktipple would you consider selling the dome separately?
  10. Hi @Este, would you sell the dome separately?
  11. I bought this item from @Mr. Grouper and the transaction and comms went very well. The postal service had hiccups but he was great to deal with and went above and beyond. Packaging was ace and the unit was virtually brand new!
  12. Hi @billy103 I'd be interested in the 18802. I'll DM you
  13. @brandoncole I would be interested in the 17-70. This is for the newer version of the lens, correct? And how much is shipping to the UK roughly?
  14. Hey @oneyellowtang, yeah I just heard about that, that's also now an option, and Bali I know has tremendous macro, we've spent plenty of time in Tulamben Thanks for the heads up - we'll put it on our list of places to consider!
  15. How did you get burned out of interest? I am now strongly considering Kenya as the changeover is in Europe.
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