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  1. It is easy, but you need to cut it very straight, if you cut it at an angle it may affect the quality of the light. In addition you may want to cut off some of the shielding towards both connectors, to allow a bit more light to spill out. Don't do what I did and buy a super stiff optical cable that breaks when you bend it 90deg! Hah
  2. Hi, I'd like to buy some good quality arms and clamps. I've currently got a mixture of iDas, SUPE and "random" arms. The latter two were bought on a trip but the iDas I'm perfectly happy with surprisingly! So I'd either want to replace them all (usual store setup, long near camera, short near strobe) or just the one side. Id also consider buying some stix floats or similar, as with the macro port and 105mm my rig is quite negative. Thanks
  3. Thanks all for your input. I think it's most likely I'll get a cheap zoop and slap that on the floats circumference as it gives me what I need and works as a backup. Still I'm fairly miffed about my d4i needing to change the battery yearly with a £40 service and pressure test. I don't hit 100 dives a year and whilst in storage I put the contrast to the lowest to conserve battery. Whilst I'm happy to do it myself I don't want to flood the computer. It may be worth me doing it myself and getting it serviced every few years?
  4. Hey all, I've currently got a d4i as my main computer. Recent battery woes on a trip really made me think about having a spare computer, and how a spare computer could easily be planted on the camera rig. Questions please: 1. With the d4i I'm not hugely impressed with the battery life (I don't get to do more than maybe 40-50 dives a year and a £40-50 bill annually to service it is starting to add up!). And I feel it may be overly conservative. Is there a good alternative to the d4i or should I keep it as my primary? 2. If suunto is decent, what kind of secondary is good for an 'on the rig' computer? Id love one with a large display, perhaps a zoop or similar, assuming suunto use the same algorithm across the board. 3. What's the preferred setup of a backup computer on the camera rig? Are there best practices here? Pictures would be great! ☺ Thanks! SineTwo
  5. Hi @PeteAtkinson, I think due to the reliability of Nauticam I'd prefer to only buy 1st party domes. Thanks for the offer however.
  6. Thanks @adamhanlon, you're doing a great job on this. I however was also recently contacted in PM by someone and was further informed in PM by a mod to not carry through with this. May I suggest there's a minimum of public posts before people can DM you?
  7. Hi, As per the title I'm looking to buy a large dome port for the n120 nauticam system. Either the 8.5 or the 6inch model. It would be the equivalent of this; https://oceanleisure.co.uk/cameras/nauticam-8-5-acrylic-dome-port Thanks, sinetwo
  8. @Mobula thank you very much for a smooth transaction as well - great comms, good packaging, kept me up to date with everything. I wouldn't hesitate to buy again
  9. Hi all, I'm just venturing into UK diving and as a result I'm slowly getting gear for it. For now I'll be trying a 7mm wetsuit with gloves, boots and hood, then moving on to dry next year maybe? Question: I've got a DSLR housing for which I obviously shoot manual (so most relevant buttons will be used): Which specific gloves would you recommend for all year diving in the UK, which will keep me warm but also give me the best amount of tactile feel for camera and strobe adjustments? Bearing in mind that the YS-D1 has absolutely tiny adjustment knobs and increments So far I've looked at the 5mm stretch style gloves (mares, scubapro etc.) and the fourth element 5mm. Any thoughts and experiences? I know it's a tradeoff between thickness and dexterity but surely there is a sweet spot somewhere? (I'm hoping the answer isn't 3mm and manning up!)
  10. @René I bought a Sea&sea ys-d1 strobe from him. I paid promptly via PayPal with no issues regarding shipping times. Overall a great buy and a good transaction, as verified by other members prior to buying.
  11. So I bought this at 2mm and tested it, works absolutely great! https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F193291911042 Here's the end result resusing one of the cheapo fiber optic cable plugs: https://m.imgur.com/a/DCwAw7p I still needed two spare plugs just in case my "repaired" official sea and sea cable fails again (you can see how I've elegantly superglued and taped it up for now. So I bought these as I could not find the appropriate o rings and plugs locally (they were available online but it had a very long shipping date): https://www.mikesdivecameras.com/products/inon-rubber-bush-type-l I am hoping the 2mm will fit these, if not I can trim the outside and slide them in, failing that I can re use the sea and sea cable! All I wanted to say was thanks to the community for the ideas, and that the cable from eBay works great. I haven't tested TTL but I never shoot with TTL so personally for me it's not an issue. But if anyone wants me to I can test it out next week. Happy strobing!
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