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  1. @Kraken de Mabini can you post some detailed images of your cables please?
  2. Sorry to bump this thread, but which thickness end glow works best? I've got one cheapo cable and a sea and sea which is busted now. I did consider going sync cord for a bit but I'd have to buy a new module and a cable!
  3. You're not wrong. I'm really liking the early comparisons here, but money obviously comes in to consideration. Unfortunately we're not all hedge fund managers, so this is quite a big thing for me. Personally I've got 2x ys-d1 which I'd like to keep until they die. So for me to perhaps get 1 retra pro plus snoot means 2 ys-d1, 1 retra Pro and 1 retra only snoot. So I either then have 3 strobes (bad for traveling) or I get rid of one and use an inconsistent setup. The backscatter snoot seems to tick all the boxes I require at a relatively low price, and it's likely it'll be much easier to handle. This way I can easily have 2 strobes and the snoot, or 1 strobe and 1 snoot. If you attach some kind of quick release to it as well it could be quite easy for a helper underwater as well to help aim if it's a particularly difficult subject to get to as it's likely to be more manoeuvrable.
  4. Do you have a link to this video per chance? The blue water light mentioned above I think has all the right things going for it, and at half the price and weight/size, it may be the new benchmark... I'm eagerly looking forward to comparisons of that vs the retra pro
  5. Wow this looks very interesting indeed! I'll wait for reviews to come out as it seems like it could be reasonably priced. If you attach a handle to that and a clever arm which unclips somehow, you could then use it freehand or clamped
  6. Thanks Tim, your posts are always very informative! Aye, I've been doing plenty of searched for the snooting! My problem really is not having a strong enough guide light. And that's a huge issue for me as I'm firing blindly. At least if I could see the guidelight through the viewfinder I'd know if I'm aiming right. I'm going to tulamben shortly to dive with an amazing guide called Ajiex Dharma, so will try the inon and retra combo there. So the lsd also eats up a lot of light? I thought it's main selling point was the fact that it didn't do that?
  7. Hi all, I'm currently struggling with my setup for snooting: * ys-d1 * 10bar metal snoot The problem i have is that the guide/focus light on the ys-d1 is atrocious. It does nothing, and I've even used aluminium foil inside my snoot to funnel as much light as possible. In dark situations is barely works, and apart form that I can't even see where it's aiming with the light, which makes snooting ultimately hit and miss (way more miss). My question is: 1. Which has the best guide light for snooting? Retra flash (old or new?), inon z330, ys-d2 and ys-d3. 2. If I end up getting any of the above, is the retra lsd a worthy purchase above and beyond the 10 bar snoot? Ill only ever use the circular light shape so I guess the quick change is nice on the retra but not imperative for me. I get that it effectively works as a diopter of sorts, but I'm really not concerned about losing light as strobes are powerful enough to compensate. Thanks for any help.
  8. As per the topic ☺
  9. Hi, I'm interested in getting a bigger dome (currently using the mini dome for travels). If anyone has one going, please let me know.
  10. Hi all, I've looked into Maldives now (or Burma/Mayanmar, but I'll do a separate thread for that) for diving, where a few of us will all go diving together. I've been to the Maldives twice, but I didn't do any diving until the second go, and that was pretty impressive! We're looking for: Reasonable accommodation/diving costs Big pelagics if possible (hammers, mantas, whalesharks? ) Night diving Local island diving, resorts will push the price up too much for my friends Any macro would be awesome but the focus (pun intended) is wide angle So far I've found: Fulidhoo - seems to be the best choice so far? Unfortunately perhaps not a hotspot for big pelagics, but good night diving with loads of sharks Ukulhas - we may be a bit too early for this, seems December 'tis the season. Maafushi - I can't find much info about this unfortunately, and the videos I've seen have been fairly lacklustre. I know it's a typical list for a 'low budget' Maldives holiday, but if anyone can help out that would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, sinetwo
  11. Hey Chris, I'm thinking of going there in November, would you still recommend it or..?
  12. My only comment would be on the smart chargers. I don't know if the ones you've listed allow you to change the current per battery, and you may not have to, but i've found this thing amazing: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Youshiko-YC4000-Intelligent-Professional-Standard/dp/B00N7GHUH0/ref=lp_431408031_1_18?s=electronics-accessories&ie=UTF8&qid=1556210712&sr=1-18 Not the cheapest, and there may well be cheaper alternatives but being able to boost the charge when needed (say in between 2nd and night dive) and then having another 4 on for trickle charge (non-smart) is quite good. What's nice about this is that it also does AAA batteries. There may be more light weight ones that do 8, which would be preferable i guess!
  13. Great, thanks for the advice everyone, we've decided on Maldives or Mayanmar/Burma (as none of us has never been to the latter). Seems to be the easiest for everyone really.
  14. Hi all, Much to my friend's fault for moving to Hong Kong, we want to try and schedule a trip together in September, or a similar period. We're mostly interested in Big pelagics. We've been looking at places between the UK and HK, which are easily accessible from both. I think we're all prepared to do 11-14 hour flights for good diving. I looked up this article and it seems it's quite easy for us to get to reunion island, but it seems there's very little info about diving in Reunion Island? http://www.uwphotographyguide.com/diving-reunion-island Having said that, Azores may also be an option, but I've heard the really amazing stuff in Azores is a pain to get to, and it isn't as easy to see these things as the marketing makes it out to be (i.e. 2 hour boat trips to specific dive sites, and you have to be on the right part of the island etc etc.). Could you please recommend a place for good pelagics towards the end of the year, somewhere between HK and UK? Cheers, SineTwo
  15. Hi @chloe.laisne, unfortunately not, I need to sell it as a complete package. I've had plenty of offers for specific items, but I need to get rid of it all in one go, hence the low price.
  16. Jeez Alex, serious kit there! I did see the blog post about your workshop, some pretty cool pictures generated from that. Have you had a chance to trial the new retra strobe at all? I'm tempted to take a punt. I'm definitely getting a retra LSD but on the YS-D1, the focus light is just too poor. If I need to shell out for a new strobe, it may as well be a retra I figure, if they're the best to use with the LSD? Have you compared the Z330 and the Retra strobe's focus lights with the LSD? functionally I expect them to give similar results without the LSD, but for me the focus light is key for snooting, especially if you have a skittish creature and you can't afford to shoot and adjust a lot.
  17. Am I over-engineering this? Maybe a 'ring flash' type red laser would be good for snooting
  18. Hi Bear, thanks for providing that information, much appreciated! Most of my snooting would be during warm water hols, so that's why sunshine is a bit of an issue for me I'm located in the south if that's near you?
  19. Mods, can you please delete this as I've changed the contents of my post and sale. Many thanks.
  20. Due to a very unserious buyer, I'm unfortunately putting this back on the market. Please only contact me if you're serious about buying this unit. Because I'm decluttering a bit, I'll even throw in a free spare housing! I won't be selling this separately as I would much rather sell it as a package. It's priced to go. Here's what's included: Nauticam NA-RX100ii housing Sony RX100ii 4 x clamps iDas tray TR03 with pistolgrip ball 2x mount screws Inon UWL 100 ultra wideangle wetlens Inon UCL 100 close up wetlens Free Meikon RX100 spare housing Below are pictures of what's included: Here's the breakdown and price. Shipping is excluded. If you're able to get to the south of the UK, I'm happy to sell it in person P.S. High quality pictures are available, but I'm limited to 1MB in this post. Thanks, sinetwo
  21. I've had quite a few queries about this package. I'll be updating this package now with: * Extra clamps * INON Wide angle lens * INON Macro lens
  22. Hi, yes, due to an unserious seller. However I'm still selling this as a package, not just the housing alone.
  23. Yes it is, I will be doing a new post. Unfortunately it did not sell due to an unserious buyer, and I haven't tried selling it since.
  24. Hi Oscar, Thanks, that makes sense - but requires more practice! Does the Retra strobe (or the one that will be available for pre-orders) have the focus light in the middle? And is it generally strong enough to be able to identify the focus light on a day dive? Also if it is in the middle, i presume the guidelight effectively will ensure that wherever it points, that's where the strobe/LSD will fire?
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