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  1. Ok folks...happy ending! I finally was able to bring the flooded float arm to the shop where it was purchased (Dive Supply Bangkok). They told me to leave it with them and they would see what could be done about a replacement under warranty. Later that afternoon I get a call saying they can replace the float arm with a new one and also the unflooded one that was bought together as a pair. The next day I brought the other unflooded arm to the shop and walked away with two new float arms! They said to come back if I had any problems with the new ones. Very big thanks for the great advice received here and a big shout out to the kind folks at Dive Supply Bangkok!
  2. Thanks all for the replies! As it’s been a few years since I purchased the float arm, it didn’t occur to me that they might be under warranty. I’ll stop by the shop where I made the purchase to see if it’s covered. If repair/replacement under warranty isn’t an option, some tinkering I did yesterday revealed the source of the leak. There is no damage so there is really only four spots where it could leak...the seam on each end where the carbon fiber seals at the end cap & the seam on each end where the end cap seals at the aluminum piece. Looking at the ball on each end, I noticed there was an Allen screw holding the ball on the end. I undid each end which removes the ball from the arm. When I give the arm a good shake, the slightest bit of water leaks out of one of the screw holes. At least I know where to start attacking the problem...
  3. Hi, I have a nauticam carbon fiber float arm that is partially flooded. Seems like it is getting a little bit worse with each dive. Has anyone managed to repair a flooded float arm? If so, can the repair process be shared? I was thinking about drilling a tiny hole or two in order to drain the water. I can’t decide on the best place to drill the hole. I’m thinking right where the carbon meets the end cap. Then using epoxy to seal the hole, likely running a bead all the way around the end cap seam. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  4. Hi! I have a Canon 5dii along with an ikelite (4-lock) housing that I would like to sell as a complete u/w photography package. The camera was purchased in late 2013. The housing was purchased in 2014. Also available are two lenses, Canon 24mm f2.8 and Canon 100mm f2.8L macro. Here's a list of what's included: Canon 5dii camera body Ikelite housing model # 6871.03 8" acrylic dome port for wide angle 4.25" extension for dome port model # 5510.24 (Accommodates lenses up to 4.25-inch (10.8 cm) long and 3.3-inch (8.4 cm) in diameter when used with the Modular 8-inch Dome) 3.5" extension for dome port model 5510.16 w/ zoom gear 5509.28 Flat port for macro lens Two DS51 strobes w/ arms Everything above...camera body, housing, ports, strobes: $3,900 USD Optional: Canon 24mm f2.8 - $500 Canon 100mm f2.8L IS USM - $700 (this lens is SHARP!) I will not sell the lenses separate before the camera is sold. Reason for selling? I recently purchased a Sony mirrorless and hope to use the proceeds from this to purchase an underwater housing system for the new camera. The camera and housing is located in Bangkok! I travel frequently within the region. If interested I could possibly arrange to deliver the equipment. Otherwise, any shipping costs are not included! Thanks for looking! CT
  5. Having mostly shot macro in the past, I finally got a chance to shoot with my wide angle setup. The rig: 5dmkiii in an Ikelite housing w/ 8" acrylic dome; 24mm f2.8 lens w/ IS off. We kayaked to some springs that had some exceptionally clear water. With full midday Florida sun, I was shooting only with natural light. I started at ISO 400...according to the light meter, the images were properly exposed but the histogram was a bit more to the left so I switched to ISO 800. Here's an example image unprocessed showing the histogram: After processing the image, I noticed what I considered to be excessive noise in the background. Here's the processed image: And a blow up of the noisy background: Is this amount of noise excessive? It seems like I see a lot of pics of large marine life shot in similar conditions and the images don't have this much noise. Am I wrong? Is this normal? With some residual discontent from the images shot at the spring, I thought a dip in the pool would be a good opportunity for a more controlled test. Here's the test image with only the white balance adjusted: At ISO 400 and a reasonably exposed image I would expect little to no noise. However, when I zoomed in on the ladder (focal point for the image), I was surprised to see quite a bit of noise: What do y'all think...is this too much noise?
  6. Ok...so I feel like I've come a long way over the past year. I finally understand firmly the importance and value in shooting in Manual mode, among other epiphanies. However much the progress has been, there's still a few backwards steps... We took a trip to Roatan in April. Earlier in the year I had purchased new strobe arms, a dome port, and a wide angle lens. I was excited to be shooting wide angle for the first time. In February I had all the dive and photo gear packed up and ready to go, with the lenses set aside so they could be wrapped in clothes and packed in a carry-on. I work overseas and was going to be gone for the 5 weeks before the dive trip. When I returned stateside, we met at the airport and flew directly to Roatan. As we were unpacking I asked my wife "Darlin, in which bag did you pack the lenses?". She didn't even have to reply. I knew by the look on her face that the lenses did not get packed. We still had a wonderful time and some wonderful diving.
  7. Thanks all, I took a second look at the 24mm f2.8...put in the order yesterday along with the 8" dome port!
  8. I've been in the drilling world long enough to believe that modifying pressure control equipment is a sin. I'd have get my hands on the port and check out the wall thickness. Also, removing 0.05" assumes that the lens is perfectly centered in the port. It may be necessary to remove material from the lens and the port body in order to not have interference.
  9. Thanks Bill! I haven't yet purchased a lens...don't have the 24mm USM II in my hands, but it does appear there to be a presumably metal ring at the front of the lens that is not found on the original type I 24 mm lens. I'm one of those idiots that thinks they can do anything with a dremel tool...but dang I sure would be nervous grinding on a $1600 lens. However, it would not rank as the stupidest thing I've ever done. Wonder if anyone has done this successfully???
  10. Ok, first time I've had a complaint about my Ikelite housing...the lens I want won't fit in the housing! We have been shooting with the 100mm macro lens up until now. I have been wanting to get a good wide angle prime for UW, landscape, and astrophotography. Wanting something f2.8 or faster, I was looking at the canon 24mm f1.4L USM II. I was quickly deflated when I realized that this lens is to wide for Ikelite ports. Bummer (I was also deflated by the $1600 pricetag). However, the old original version of this lens is narrow enough to fit. Does anyone shoot with the older version of the 24mm f1.4? Better yet, anyone have one in great condition they want to sell? I saw the Sigma 24mm f1.8 but have been unimpressed with some of the reviews of this lens. Are there any other prime lenses in the 14-24mm range that I should consider? What is the max lens diameter that a Nauticam housing can accommodate? Thanks!
  11. Lots of amazing shots on this thread! I'm constantly in awe of the talent of the contributors to this forum. Not sure if it's the best, but I think it's my favorite image of 2014
  12. Second group of pis from Blue Heron Bridge.
  13. Some pics from Blue Heron Bridge. The missus and I participated in a three day UW photo workshop. It was a great workshop...not sure if it's good etiquette to post details of the workshop here? Equipment: 5D III Ina Ikelite housing w/ DS 51 strobes x2...100mm macro
  14. My best frogfish so far. It's funny, we look all over the place for these damn fish in Bonaire and have a hard time finding one during a week long trip. Come home and see two in one dive... I got this picture the day that I accidentally left the f stop set at 2.8. I was pleasantly surprised to find a halfway decent picture when I got home. 5dIII ikelite housing w/ DS51x2, 100 mm macro lens. Location was off the beach in Pensacola.
  15. We all screw up from time to time. The only bad mistake is one from which you don't learn - and end up repeating. I think anything diving or photography related is appropriate here. I recently shot an entire dive without checking or changing the F stop on the 100 mm macro lens, which was set at 2.8. The depth of field was garbage and I ended up with a pile of bad pics that otherwise would have been ok with a greater depth of field. The first trip using the 5D w/ 100 mm macro lens was spent with the IS turned off the entire time. Probably didn't make much of a difference, but hopefully won't happen again.
  16. Thanks all for a few good laughs! For now I will keep shooting on AV, being mindful of the f'n stop, but maybe down the road I will switch to manual.
  17. I'm almost too embarrassed to post what happened yesterday. The missus and I woke up to find pleasant weather. With nothing pressing to do until the afternoon we decided to grab the camera and hit a quick beach dive. I was excited to get home and see the pics of the Kemp's Ridley and frog fish we saw on the dive - it was the first time seeing a Kemp's Ridley for both of us. I was quickly deflated when I pulled the pics up on the computer. There was hardly any depth of field on the pics. I thought it was strange until I realized I completely forgot to check the F stop setting before/during the dive. Obviously I had looked right at the display and now recall seeing it set at 2.8, but for some reason it just didn't register. How did this happen??? First of all, I have never stopped it al the way down underwater. Rarely do I topside either. I had received a set of extension tubes a couple days before. I was playing around with some topside macro using the extension tubes. It was windy and I needed a quick shutter to freeze some pics, hence having it stopped all the way down. So now I have a number of garbage pics that would have been decent had I had a better depth of field. Lesson learned. Check the f'n stop as soon as you pick up the camera.
  18. Thanks all for the kind words! My wife was a bit surprised that I posted our pictures here...she said "those folks on wetpixel are pros...our stuff is not good enough to post there". Lol. While I agree that we are beginners, I was hoping that we wouldn't get beat up too bad! If anything, we are always looking for ways to improve. Without sharing what we have done, it will be impossible to get feedback. I agree with my wife with the level of talent on this forum. It's a great place. Thanks to all behind the scenes that make it happen.
  19. We spent a week diving in Bonaire 8/2-8/9. It was our fourth trip to the island, but the first trip since getting a housing for the 5D mk III. It was a great trip to cut our teeth using the new kit. The pictures turned out pretty good for our first time out. At times it seemed to be "spray and pray" shooting, but there were also plenty of well thought out compositions. Unfortunately most of those are on the cutting room floor! Overall it was a great trip and made me realize that we are going to need another 5d and housing...my wife loves it as much as I do! I'm surprised we were both good at sharing the camera during the trip. The full album can be found here: [url=http://s533.photobucket.com/user/ChasinTales/library/Bonaire%20Aug%202014?sort=3&page=1]Bonaire August 2014[/url] Constructive criticism is always welcome.
  20. Thanks Tim! We had problems focusing the entire dive. Due to all the poor vis/matter floating in the water, in order to get the camera to focus on the desired subject, I had to get so close I thought I was going to knock the poor fish out with the housing. Of course, this ended up leading to us getting better pics. Lesson learned. The focusing was still not a pain and something that needs some help. I need to check the settings in the camera and continue to practice. Dirk & Laura
  21. We went out to the beach today to get some more practice with the camera. We dove the Park East snorkel reef off Pensacola Beach. It was good. Saw a few turtles and octopi and managed to snap a few pics. The vis was poor with lots of algae in the water. It was good to get out and play with the camera a bit more.
  22. Thanks fellas! While I thought the top pic was a good one, I figured when I posted it that I will look back in a few years and think "geez, what the crap was I thinking!". To answer your question, no, I didn't discover the second fish until I took a look at the pics on the computer. Actually, I didn't think I had captured any good pics when I was in the water. The current was a bit strong...still trying to get familiar with the housing. On the flip side, I had no idea that our murky bay would have such wonderful macro opportunities. Give us some time to get used to the rig, then we will be looking for a workshop or two!
  23. So here's my Wetpixel newbie debut... My wife and I recently got an Ikelite housing w/ DS51 strobes for our 5D mk III. The only port we have now is for the 100 mm macro lens. Last week we took the camera out fooling around in Pensacola Bay. I managed to get a couple decent pics of some blennies and molly millers. Here's a couple pics of the Molly Millers...shot w/ ambient light, f8.0, 1/200 sec: There's a lot talent on this website. It is awesome to see people openly share and willing to help. I look forward to participating here as we grow this hobby. CT
  24. I work in Africa. When I first started, I got a prescription for malarone. After a month I quit taking it. I have since found out that most of the expat coworkers do not take any prophylactic anti malarial meds. Prevention is the key. Picaridin bug spray and long sleeves and pants when possible. As far as I know, malarone is used also to treat malaria...not sure if this is the case with doxycycline. I would rather get a script for malarone and not take it, but have it just in case. Regardless, the anti malarials don't protect you from the other mosquito borne diseases. Dengue is no picnic. Making sure you don't get bit is the key.
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