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  1. Fab

    Silica gel??

    So, if I pack the camera in an A/C room, and go outside all day,..it shouldn't be a problem when I come back in later and take the camera out? (in the A/C room) The change from hot to cold? I guess it wouldn't matter too much because I wouldn't be using the camera in the housing, if I'm taking it out. You know, I always have to through out those little silica gel packets all the time, and now when I need them, where are they!
  2. Fab

    Silica gel??

    It doesn't mention using silica gel packets in the manual, or on the Canon website,...for the SD500 UWhousing (underwater guide, online) But, for the other models it mentions using the silica gel. I'm wondering if it's different for this model, since it's one of the newest point and shoot digital cameras for Canon. This is what you get for my camera model: http://consumer.usa.canon.com/ir/controlle...nderwater_photo And this is what you get from some of the other models: http://www.canon.co.jp/Imaging/uwphoto/index-e.html
  3. See, this information you don't find in the manual. The manual didn't tell me much,...really. I felt "empty" after reading it. I found it to be a bit unclear. Thanks again everyone.
  4. Fab

    Silica gel??

    You flooded your housing!!!,..Geeze,..don't tell me that!! I guess if I'm not opening it outside, it should be fine. What does it do, exactly?? Remove any moisture/condensation from the inside of the housing?
  5. Hmmm..that is a good idea. I wonder, would a large hefty ziplock bag do the trick? I don't think I can get a hold of a dry bag anytime soon.
  6. Fab

    Silica gel??

    One last question,..I hope! Is there a need for me to use silica gel packages for my WP-DC70 housing?? (for the Canon SD500) If I'm not removing the camera until I'm back in my hotel room, is there a need for this?? Where would I buy this stuff anyway,..I've seen it come in shoe boxes and so on, but not sure if it's the same stuff. Thanks.
  7. GREAT!!! Thanks for your help everyone. You have no idea how much this helps. I really appreciate your knowledge for this subject. Thanks again for answering every question!!
  8. Thanks for the info James. A few questions: My camera came with an flash difusser attachment. I'm assuming I keep this on at all times when using the flash underwater? Do I have to remove the camera,..even if I'm going back in the water 1 hour later? So,...for example: Could I keep the camera inside the housing and soak it in fresh water for a bit, dry it, and store it in my bag, go for lunch, and return to the water for another snorkel?? What if I'm on a day trip, and can't soak the camera for a long period of time, before I can get home and do the "full" soak??? Just worried about not having any fresh water around, if I'm in the middle of no where. Also, do I need to get weights for the housing to cut down on the bouyancy, even though I'm snorkeling and not diving. So many questions! Hopefully I'm making some sense. Thanks! Elisabeth
  9. I've recently purchased the WP-DC70 underwater housing for my Canon SD500. I'm leaving in about a week for Mexico (I plan to use it mostly for snorkeling, I'm not a diver) so this will be my first time using the housing. I'm a bit nervous because I don't really know what to expect. I know there is quite a bit of maintenance needed to ensure that the case doesn't get damaged or leak. ( greesing o-ring, soaking etc) Since I will be staying at a resort, I'll be in and out of the water all day, so not sure what to do with the housing between snorkeling. (rinse it off, and soak it at the end of the day??) I was wondering, could anyone offer up some helpful tips, about this specific model, or any other housing?? Any shooting tips? Anything I should know?? Thanks!
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