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  1. Anyone using an HDMI cable/port and remote software on a tablet or phone? I think Sea & Sea makes the only one (with rumour of aquatica testing one for release)?
  2. I'll take the extension. email me at newfoundlander_1 at hot male dot com (guessing you can figure out the actual email address).
  3. Hi Folks; I'm working on a similar project here in NL. I have a modified GoPro housing that uses an 8" dome (less heat than a DSLR being made in our cold condensation making rivers). It uses a 20,000+ mAh battery bank so it can film almost endlessly and has a raspberry board added so I can control the GoPro and aperture/shutterspeed/exposure metering/etc. Just a thought. find me on facebook and I'd be happy to chat. Cheers; Bill Bryden
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