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  1. Have a perfect condition Sigma 17-70 OS HSM for Canon mount. Comes with caps and shade, no box or manual. Looking for $275. Thanks!
  2. Bill Libecap already has such a dome. It's the precision 5" dome, available directly from him at uwcamerastuff.com or also available from bluewaterphotostore.com
  3. Try Yuzo over at uwdigitalcamera.com or you can also try divervision.com I'll shoot live view when I'm going after fast moving animals (fish for the most part), use the viewfinder if doing reefscapes or macro or slow moving animals (crabs and nudis...etc.). I wouldn't shoot in live view exclusively as that would drain the battery too fast. Note however this this is a new system for me and I'm also still learning it. As far as upgrade path...well, IMO, it's a consumer electronic item. That means, something will always be better. If the camera and lens combinations that you can get now produce images that please you now, why should they not do the same in 2, 3, 4, 5 or longer years? I've given up on trying to have the best available electronic equipment, it's a money hole. I buy when I like at the time and is within my budget, and then don't look at any of the new models until my current model breaks or I find it limiting in some way. My old G10 lasted me 5-6 years, and I've had the SL1 for 1-2 years, and don't see myself upgrading anytime soon. When the time comes, there are already rumors of 150d/SL2 sometime soon. Heck, I still have an old galaxy S2 phone going on 4 years I think, and it's going to die before I get a new one, it does all the things I need it to, no reason to spend more on an upgrade.
  4. I don't think any of those choices will be pocketable (unless you're using a pancake lens) seeing as they are all interchangeable lens cameras. I don't know if I can lend much info, but I've just purchased the RDX-100D for the SL1 from Sea&Sea (which can be had for around 1k new from Japan). Quite a bit smaller than the ikelite offering, and only slightly larger than the Olympus housings as compared in person at Bluewaterphotostore showroom. For me, this was a no brainer since I already had an SL1, however I was considering moving from the G10 to the Olympus line due to the small size as well. In the end, the availability of the tokina 10-17 for the SL1 and the non-pocketable (in my opinion) nature of the Olympus pushed me to where I am. FYI, I don't find focusing in live view to be noticeably slower. In any event, good luck on your choice, either way, new toy at the end of the day!
  5. Hi, Stephen from Los Angeles, CA. I've been snorkeling/freediving with a small compact (G10) for around 4 years, and have been certified PADI for around 2 years (though not many dives with the camera yet). I'm a massive lurker and don't post much, but appreciate all the info on the board!
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