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  1. I am eager to know as well, google in the net but no success. Seems no one using XT1 underwater ? Planning to invest on EM1 or XT1.
  2. Hey guys, I'm new in this forum. Sorry quite off topic. Since 10Bar has joined the crowd and produced UW housing for EM5 + 12-50 port (price tag USD1300), anyone has any good word on it or on 10Bar generally ? Currently I'm seriously thinking of this housing since it has fully functional 12-50 port (the only lens I had) and perfect with my budget. Nauticam way beyond of my budget limit and oly is not value for money in my opinion. Any advise much appreciated.
  3. Greetings, I'm Nik from Malaysia. Still new in UW photography and wish to learn more in this forum. Currently using 5dm2 + OMD EM5 topside and G11 for underwater with OEM case. Just a social UW photographer but leaning toward for more serious. *Pardon for my English as I'm not coming from native english country. Cheers..
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