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  1. Sorry i should add the housing is for a canon eos 500d
  2. Yes Ikelite housing with full TTL. Cheers Alex
  3. Hi I have recently upgraded my ikelite strobes from ds125 and ds50 to ds160 and ds51 and I have a couple of AV controllers left over from my old strobes. Is it worth using these with the new strobes or is it irrelevant as the strobes have built in adjustable power? Thanks for any help Cheers Alex
  4. Yer I've just ordered a spare too. Thanks for the tip chap!
  5. Hi I've broken one of the 4 port clips on my Ikelite housing. My old Ikelite housing only had 2 port clips, so my question is will my newer housing still work fine with 3 clips holding the port on? Cheers for any advice Alex
  6. Aaah thanks guys. Some great advice there. . Yes I have indeed been trying to shoot in auto. I'm new to using an slr underwater so thought I'd start simply. I'll try shooting in the modes suggested and see how I fare. And I guess I should keep an eye out for a spare syn cord too as it sounds like it would be useful to have one in the box Cheers guys Alex
  7. Hi I've recently bought a D70 in an Ikelite housing with Ikelite DS125 and DS50 strobes 2nd hand. Everything is great apart from one very annoying thing! : The problem: My strobes don't fire all the time. Sometimes I connect it all together and it works and other times (Most times) It doesn't work! When it doesn't work-the camera tries to pop the cameras built in flash and then when that wont open (because of the housing and hot shoe adapter) it wont allow the camera to focus!!! And there for it wont let me take a picture!!! Very frustrating. Sometimes if I turn it off and on again it works but only occasionally! Does any one have any suggestions? Thanks for any help in advance )
  8. Hi I'm Alex I got a gopro about 3 years ago and really got into under water filming and photography. I've worked in film before but strictly above the water so now I've been having great fun playing around underwater. Because of the endless editing process of film I've found my self naturally doing more and more photography, first with a compact set up (Lumix) with 2x 1600lm torches for light and now I have taken the plunge and got my self a Nikon D70 with Ikelite housing and DS125 and DS50 strobes. I'm loving the SLR but finding out there is a lot to learn..................So I thought I'd better join the community to get some help........and of course offer any help to others should I be able to. Look forward to chatting soon
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