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  1. Don't know if the shutter act speed of nex-5 is close to DSLR. From the introduction, it remove the reflector to reduce the size. Maybe it means the shutter react speed slow down a bit as well....
  2. Dear all, I use Olympus 5050 with INON UWL-100 wide angle for years, and did not update my knowledge for a while. Since my 5050 flooded, I did not have camera with inon dome port. I only use sp-5050 for research purpose. Recently my wife want to find a new camera to replace her old canon one. I wonder if there is any new camera with some housing can fit to my INON wide angle lenses. I prefer the cheapest the best for me, if the camera is smaller the better. I consider olympus mju 1030, but its housing seems like can not fit to the wide angle. So I post this information here, hope any expert can help me. The UWL-100 is 67mm, I hope it will help. Cheers, Colin
  3. I spent a few time to glance these articles above. I quite agree most of you experince diver and photograhper. But according to my personal experience, as a recruit diver, marine biologist, photographer. In my memery, when people wont to take photos underwater, it increse the possiblity to have physical contact with coral or other marine creature, both experience or inexperience. I believe the original ariticle may have some experimental bias or sample size problem. However, I reckon the orginial writer just try to get people's attention when take photo underwater. And the turth for me is when I didnot bring the camera with my self, I will keep every creature away off me. Once I bring my camera, sometimes I will contact with some creature, even I am quite confidence with my natual buoyance. Accident happened while I got more close to the bottom. And I believe this will happen to the less experience more definitely. Of course, it may never happen to some experience diver, but who can guaratee he/she never hurt any marine creature while take a underwater photos? That's my personal experience to support the article.
  4. Hi Swee Sorry for so late to reply. I did not find your question when I skip this forum. About the dark corner, it is talked about the Canon Housing not Ikelite. But I am sure you have aleady got your anwser, right? Enjoy your G7 underwater^^ Colin
  5. Ha, I have similar question due to I'd also like to update my 5050 and these two cemara are only two ones under my budget. According to few reviews of these two camera, advantage of 550 is high zoom lens and of G7 is high resolution. However, finally I choose sp-550 just because of its 28mm wide angle. Base on other forums, the G7 with INON Dome port still have the dark corner. Therefore, I will keep become the fan of Olympus. ^^ For your reference. Colin
  6. I also have the similar question. I am a 5050 user, I already have uwl-100 with dome port and marco lens. Now what I'm looking for is a DC with housing can be adapted with these gears. The SP-350 is my first considered one, but the SP-550 is also attract me. I am wondering if the sp-550 can adapt to my lens, otherwise I will choose SP-350. Colin
  7. To Lasse Little feedback for the fish name correction, I hope you won't mind. The fifth picture in the trip of Philippines 2007, the fish hide in the massive coral you name it "goby". It actually is more close to blenny, Petroscirtes spp. (I speculate it is Petroscirtes breviceps) I apologize if you people in your country say the common name is goby, because I am not a original english user. BTW, other underwater picture is fantastic, I wish I can have such a good gears and diving there. ps. the link to this fish in fishbase http://www.fishbase.org/summary/SpeciesSummary.php?id=6073 Cheers, Colin
  8. In my point of view, the water go in the space you said is just because while you close the cap of housing the space is not separated from water. The O-ring just separate the inside from outside, between oring and the housing, water is allow to entry. In my experience, after diving, I also found some water between oring and housing, but it never enter to my housing. So just as other said, diving with empty housing first, you will know if it's fine, then take care of your pt-o27 every dive, especially the lens port, I know few people's hsouing flood from that place.
  9. I am also very instersted in this camera and housing while Olympus announced. Althought I can not found any side picture of PT-037, according to the SP-550's lens length, I am wondering how it looks. Becide, if the housing have longer lens space, can it hold the attached lens like INON UWL-100 with Dome port? I'd like to upgrade my 5050 for one year, 7070 is good, SP-350 also attractive. I hope the focus speed, sutter lag really can improve in this one, or I have to photo fish's tail side again. >_<
  10. Amazing so many friends would like to share your experience. Just a week left for my work. I got so much information about my question. First, thanks all of you. Your valuable experience is better than any advertisement from shop. Second, lots brand you mentioned about can not be found in m place. I live in Taiwan where near the mainland China. Third, because of the cash, I only can support DSLR and housing w/ port (maybe w/ one strobe) for 3000 US dollars. What I have already had are INON D-180s and I can borrow few nikon lens, strobe(nikonos 105, ikelite 300, sea&sea ys-90) from my laboratory now. Therefore, nikon maybe the best choice for me. D-70 or D-70s(in fact, I am not sure what's the "key" difference) or D-100. Althought, I have done lot's of homework about not "too experience", however too much detail affect my decision. I still meed you guys' advice. Thanks again. Colin
  11. Hello everyone, I am a beginer of SLR underwater photographic field. Now I'd like to choose a suitable camera and housing, I have used olympus 5050 and PT-015 for years. However I can not resist the attractive clear photos of DSLR. I like the color of olympus, but now the problem is the budget. (Everytime budget is the problem^^) Thus choosing a cheap and good quality DSLR and housing is my consideration. Does anyone have suggestion or advise? Or where I can find the comparrison of these DSLR. Underwater equipment is the most important thing. Thanks Colin
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