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  1. Hi, Do you still have any of these for sale? Regards
  2. Strobes both SOLD Sync cables still available (Sea&Sea to Nikon 5 pin)
  3. Hello from two Aussie divers. We’re currently shooting: - a Nikon D800 in Subal housing with OneUW strobes and a Backscatter mini strobe and snoot - a Nikon D500 in Subal housing with Seacam 160Ds and a Backscatter mini strobe and snoot. This follows many years with NikV, F100 and F5. We live in NSW with mainly “muck” dives down the road so we can’t wait for the world to open up again for some reefscape and blue water opportunities.
  4. Two strobes for sale. Both are in excellent used condition - being sold as I upgraded to Seacam 160D strobes with HSS capability. Both strobes are the “made in Japan” versions (yellow body rather than the grey “made in China”) even though only one has the J written on the body. These trigger off either a sync cord/ sync cable or fibre optic and can be used in slave mode. Sync cables are Sea & Sea to N5. Price AUD$350 per strobe plus AUD$50 per sync cable. That’s roughly €222 or US$250 per strobe plus roughly €32 or US$36 per sync cable. Buyer pays shipping and any PayPal fees. Happy to ship worldwide.
  5. same as Subal V3 TTL board for Nikon You need this board if you want to use fibre optic cables to trigger strobes when using a Nikon D500 (because it doesn’t have a built in flash). Easy to install. Runs off 2 x CR2032 batteries Can us fiber optics or sync cord in TTL or manual mode. Compatible with 10 different strobe types as shown in photo 2. I. ’ve also successfully used it with Sea & Sea YS-D2J in manual mode. reason for selling - can’t do high speed sync with Seacam 160D strobes (I’ve recently upgraded). I believe it can HSS with the new Retra strobes. AUD$300 (roughly US$215 or €190). Buyer pays shipping plus and PayPal fees. Happy to ship worldwide.
  6. These usually come pre-programmed for either Canon or Nikon (not both). Which are yours preprogrammed for? Did it come with any sync cords besides fibre optics?
  7. My apologies in advance for the potentially silly question but do these support high speed sync (faster than 1/250)? Any idea of the shipping cost to Australia?
  8. The two YS-D2 (J) have been sold. The non- J model now AUD $450.
  9. I have three Sea & Sea YS-D2 strobes for sale, surplus to my needs. Two are the Yellow D2(J) version and one non-J version. All strobes are in good condition, never flooded and include their original packaging, o-ring grease, diffusers, manuals etc. Asking AUD $600 each for the J versions and AUD $500 for the non J strobe. Buyer to pay shipping. Strobes located in New South Wales, Australia.
  10. Well its good to hear that someone has at least got a reschedule. Our provider initially refused us anything and said we will get nothing after paying $20K. That when we were negotiating to stay an additional two weeks and were one day from paying them an additional $12K. We are still struggling to get a reasonable outcome here but its not looking good.
  11. Hi, would you also send me some more photos of the strobes, my email is: lyndon.turner@bigpond.com Regards
  12. After having a YS-D2 replaced for not turning on, the replacement YS-D2J has now exploded. Yes, the Version manufactured in Japan. The strobe was on at the time but not being fired. Theres absolutely not a drop of water in the battery compartment. Has anyone else had this problem with the new YS-D2Js? Its such a pity as theyre a good strobe to use
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