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  1. I'm not - but I found a man who was! I'm all sorted now with a small adapter cable with 3xRCA sockets on one end and a 3.5mm 4 pole jack socket on the other, working fine, HD video here I come! D
  2. Hi gang, Looking for some advice about Sony video housings I own a Sony MPK DVF5M housing. Its a grand old beast, rated to 75m, with a built in monitor in the rear half of the case. This monitor is plugged into TRV style camcoders with a 3.5mm 4 pole jack. I want to try out the possibility of HDV, and have settled on an HVR A1E since it has the requisite LANC and plug in mike sockets, and its the right size to fit in the housing. The problem is the video output socket, which is no longer 3.5mm 4 pole but is instead, it seems, Sony's own proprietary socket. I am wondering if anyone knows if there is a workaround for this. Can I rewire the monitor jack, or is there a cable available (that would be the Sony Component video jack at one end, with a female 4 pole 3.5mm socket on the other? Many thanks for any advice Dave
  3. Hello, I'm Dave (dive3dj) from the West of Scotland. Been diving now for about 10 years, mostly West of Scotland but a little in the States, Red Sea, Feanch Riviera. I had, then sold, and have recently re-aquired (the buyer didn't like, it but I'm glad I'm getting it back - loved the daft old thing!) a Sony MPK DVF5M housing, in which I use a Sony TRV17e at the moment, although I am exploring the possibility of using a Sony HRV A1E in the housing too. I also have a Fuji F660EXR and housing for some simple photography - I am a little more ambitious with the video however, and dream of filming underwater for a living - but then who doesn't! Cheers Dave
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