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  1. Is this just the housing, or ports and gears as well?
  2. I'm looking for a sync cable for my Ikelite housing, for 2 Inon strobes, part number 4118.2 I also need a dome port, either a 6" 5503.50 (for the Canon 18-55mm), or the 8" and extension (5510.45 + 5510.16). If anyone has these for sale, please PM me. UK sellers preferred, no import tax! Thanks!
  3. I've just bought some strobes off Pooley- an absolute pleasure to deal with! He's been incredibly helpful, even going out of his way to give me extra advice, and sent some little extras to assist me. As I said to him, he is the embodiment of why I love this community- so friendly and helpful! Thanks pooley!
  4. Hi everyone, I'm Jenny, I live in Egypt and have been diving and taking photos for a few years now. Been reading the forum for ages, I figured it was about time I joined up!
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