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  1. Hey guys, I really appreciate all the feedback. The issue is, (as we all well may know), most dive publications, (and magazines in general), went from starting out with low budgets, and publishing truthful, bold content to then, as they grew, catering to the advertisers at all costs. They are now are back to having low budgets and are completely embroiled with their advertisers. I have decided to make a compromise and present both: pretty reef images where there is some trash in the background that is distracting, (which I have removed), and images where the trash is in the forefront, where it will remain. I will post these images when they are finished being edited on this forum, so you all can make travel plans based off these accordingly. On a side note, if anyone has suggestions of conservation based publications where these images would be published and appreciated, and wouldn't mind making suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it.
  2. So it pains me to even feel the need to bring up this topic. I am editing images for a potential editorial from Lembeh. In the background of the majority of the images are plastic bags, plastic cups, etc etc. Is this considered a non-ethical move to remove these from each image to showcase a destination that is no longer pristine? I know I am not alone here. I pride myself on using photoshop on a very limited basis and remaining as true to the image as possible, however, obviously no one wants to purchase and/or see rubbish in the images. This is something I thought would be an important topic moving forward as this seems to be the new normal for dive destinations across the globe, (*cries in a corner....) Thanks all.
  3. I was in an art show with him over the summer in Fort Myers called theres something in the water, and it was a massive honor. He was sick so he couldnt be there but just to be in the same room with his artwork gave my heart a jump. He was a huge inspiration to me when I first found out about him, working for Scuba mag. His great sense of humor and adventurer spirit will be very, very much missed. RIP Bob. -Katy Danca Galli
  4. Hi David, Are you still selling the minidome? Thanks!
  5. I just rented the Sigma 14 mm lens from borrow lenses and it was absolutely fantastic, able to get some very interesting very shallow depth of field shots in Hawaii this past week. I am a canon user though I'm sure they probably make this for Nikon as well.
  6. So I am a pale skinned redhead who has chosen probably the worst career path for my skin, underwater photography (which is ultimately also the most fulfilling thing ever....), I have been through the gamut on sunscreens and found this stuff called bare republic I use on my face that got good reviews from the EWG website, and its reef-safe: http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/product/617268/Bare_Republic_Natural_Mineral_Sunscreen%2C_Face%2C_SPF_30_%282015_formulation%29/#.WuCecoEpDYU What else does everyone use? This stuff is great but would love to find out if there's something that might last longer. Thanks for suggestions!
  7. Hey guys, very solid advice. Tim, that is pretty much what I was looking for I believe, is that considered RAID 5? Also, sunnyboy, is there a particular brand you use for the hard drives? I have used seagate and they seem ok. Also, when you say 'lose data' (*shudders), do you mean if I am not uploading images daily, or even turning on my drives daily, that they may fail? What would be considered a backup program? Thank you both, really appreciate your help.
  8. Hi there, I have a 2013 macbook pro, and have a seagate hard drive and am looking into a RAID system. From my understanding RAID 5 or 6 is the best choice for image security and speed; does anyone have any brand recommendations they could offer? I'm looking into spending in the $500 range, not sure if this is even viable or if RAID is all it's cracked up to be. Thank you guys for your help, it's always really appreciated.
  9. GENIUS!!!!! Thanks for sharing, I've been trying to figure out something similar to this for some time now, (btw, foam noodles are really great for their intended purpose, which does not include cradling my housing like a baby....) Would love to see what kind of shots you got with this set up -KT
  10. Hey Alison! I had the same issue, (while I was in Palau, which sucked big time....), strobes would fire just fine on land, and then stop working underwater. Have you tried cleaning up all the connectors as well as your batteries? I think I may have gotten a tiny amount of silicone grease on my batteries. As soon as I did that, they fired just fine, and I haven't had any problems since.
  11. Short little look at the 'mermaid hair' in Rainbow River. If you haven't been here yet, it's one of my favorite all time dives:
  12. Grant, Where did you purchase your strobes?? I have had the exact same issue with the same strobes, bought brand new off ebay this year, also used with electrical sea&sea sync cords, and I also shoot with the canon 5D MKIII. I ended up purchasing a new dual sea&sea cord and switched the strobes between bulkheads with the same effect, and also did the same test with the paper clip, and everything turned out fine until they were put in the water....would fire once or twice and then stop altogether, (red light would turn off). I would have to turn them on and off repeatedly and then they might fire again once. One strobe was replaced by the seller with a supposedly new strobe, which is also now having the same issues, and the other is in Japan right now being serviced. Before I purchased these strobes, I had my housing serviced, which was given an A+++ rating for cleanliness, so I can't imagine it's a bulkhead issue. Also took all of my gear to Reef Photo and they said everything was spick & span. This issue has cost me almost a year of shooting. I am now wondering if this may be related to using sea&sea cables with a Inon strobe, OR if there is a bad batch of Inon strobes going around. ALSO, I really don't like doing this, but after having now 3 strobes from the same seller all defunct, I have no choice but to warn people of this seller: nydivershop on ebay. Claims he is selling brand new never used, straight from Inon strobes. They look clean but I am having the same issue as you, is this where they were purchased from? Sorry for the looooong rant -Katy
  13. Love this!!!! Looks like a great trip, hoping to get there someday. Thank you for sharing
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