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  1. Thanks Ian -- I'll check their site. John
  2. Looking for Nauticam housing for first generation Sony A7s. Also interested in Nikonos 15mm lens adaptor for Nauticam. Ready to purchase immediately. Thanks, John
  3. Looking for a clean used A7 housing. Thanks, John
  4. Excellent condition, No issues at all, I have upgraded to a D800 with Aquatica housing. This one has one optical connection and one Nikon connection. $1600 with shipping included in the 48 Continental States. Will ship elsewhere at actual cost. Paypal only please. PM me with any questions, I will answer promptly. thanks! John
  5. I don't know how the D7200 can be way better in low light with the same sensor. It might focus better, but final image should be almost identical to D7100. Also, I thought all Nikon DSLRs had built in time lapse for quite awhile now. It looks like a nice rev, but if I had a D7100 I don't know if it would be worth it to jump if it doesn't fit the same housing. To me, the best change is increasing the buffer size. BTW, I'm not contesting what the original poster wrote, I'm questioning the Nikon ad blurb.
  6. Here, here. All good points Doug. Also, this dovetails into another discussion on this board a few months ago concerning tipping -- and this is from a different perspective. Sometimes, you can have one guest who is a problem for the other guests. Either they can abuse another's personal space or cause a problem in the diving itself. Since most liveaboards are setup with the idea that you need to tip at the end of the week, the divemasters are very reluctant to do anything about these problems. Same with destroying the reef. They don't want to upset a customer. They will give lip service to the folks that complain and try to mollify them as much as possible while still not saying anything to the bad actor causing the problem. This is because they live for those tips and they try to make everyone happy to maximize their income. I don't personally blame them for this stance. However -- not dealing with one bad actor on your boat may cause 3 or 4 people not to use you again. The boat owners need to know this. The best policy would be for the liveaboards to charge a complete fee and make it clear the tip is included. If one customer is causing a problem, *deal* with it. I personally have been on a trip recently where one guy was crashing into me constantly and when I mentioned it to the the divemaster he told me the other guy was a paying customer too and he couldn't do anything about it. He suggested I talk to the other diver about the problem. I "talked" to him about it in a very loud voice to ensure I was understood. But still. I paid a lot of money to go to the far ends of the earth and I shouldn't have to deal with that crap. rant off
  7. Switched from D7000 DX to D800 FX about halfway through 2014. I understand the D7100 is of course much better, particularly with high ISO, but here's my thoughts. D7000 pluses: - Smaller footprint - Lighter weight - 10-17 works well with 8" dome, smaller and lighter than D800 options with 10.5" dome - Macro is easier with DX since you can use the 60mm with a teleconverter and the 105 gives a much larger image D800 pluses - bigger buffer - higher resolution is really fantastic - much better high ISO - 16-35 lens is actually very, very good. Same with 15mm Sigma FE - D800 handles like my old D300. I really hate the prosumer controls on the D7000. (I probably wouldn't like the D750 for the same reason) - Macro is much higher quality with the 105 due to the huge resolution Overall, I'm very happy with the switchover. The D800 is a fantastic camera and from an imaging standpoint just absolutely smokes the D7000 in my amateur hands. The only drawback is everything is bigger and heaver although I would say my old D300 with housing was just as heavy. Also, for above water use, I do a lot of band and concert photography in very low light situations and the D800 is fantastic for that purpose. I also have an Olympus EM5 with a full set of good lenses when I need "small and light". The EM5 quite frankly is about 95% as good as the D7000.
  8. So many great photo opportunities this year, but my favorites were all from swimming with humpbacks in Tonga.
  9. When we did Galapagos in May of 2010, the water was unusually warm. At Darwin, we saw hundreds of hammerheads and they definitely stayed down in the thermocline which seemed to start at about 40 feet, but the water at the surface was about 79 degrees (26 C) and down at 50 feet was still close to 75 degrees (24 C), so not that cool at all. Everyone told us to bring 7mm wetsuits and I was baking like a potato the entire time -- Could have done it in a 3mm easily I think trying to predict exactly how your dives will go is kind of like predicting the weather a month out -- can't be done.
  10. Got it... http://wetpixel.com/articles/domes-without-the-drone Thanks! John
  11. Plenty of Hammers in Galapagos. When we went in May, there were hundreds of them schooling at Darwin. Another good place is the Bahamas where every January/February they gather in the shallows. John Bantin wrote a post about it: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=49592&p=326535
  12. I stole the title from Alex Mustard's 2010 article I'm going to Tonga to swim with humpbacks in a little over a month and pondering on whether to bring my 8" or 4.3 mm dome or both. I'm shooting a nikon d7000 with the 10-17mm Tokina. Obviously, the 4 mm dome will be less sharp at the edges, but will it even be noticeable with the type of composure done with open water big animal shots? I want the best shots I can get, but if it truly will not make a difference, the mini dome sure makes handling and travel easier.
  13. http://gizmodo.com/apple-is-killing-aperture-its-once-great-photo-editng-1597040812 Not surprised; they just haven't kept up with the changes like Lightroom. The downside of this announcement is Apple will be trying to convince it's user base to use iPhoto instead. iPhoto is simply *TERRIBLE* Maybe the upcoming replacement will be better. I know many people who have lost images due to the design philosophy of storing everything in a database. Using a proprietary database for metadata is fine, but in my opinion a software application simply must keep an original, unmodified version of all photos in the file system for easy migration and backup/recovery. Last trip I was on, a fellow diver lost his entire photo library due to a iPhoto corruption issue. He had backups thankfully, but trying to restore to iPhoto would try the patience of the most dedicated Applephile. But, at any rate, I tried out Aperture in it's first iterations and decided I liked Lightroom better anyway. R.I.P. Aperture.
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