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  1. I followed Eel with .19 to infinity behind the Zen dome and it performs well for me on an epl3 with a YS-01 I spend a week at Lembeh using this combination on all bar 1 dive when I played with wideangle for a change. Yes on some of the very small stuff a diopter would have helped but getting as close as I already was was tough, getting even closer, maybe not a good idea. I would stick with the basic len plus 1 strobe until you have got the hang of that and are reliably getting in focus well lit pictures. I can promise you that can be tough enough in many conditions. I have some satisfying images of glass shrimp, crabs, etc the maybe max 2 cm long. I have no acceptable pictures of hairy shrimp, all are fuzzy and badly lit, look like a lump of muddy coloured flotsam. Next time Octopus were great but quick, as were baby frog fish, encountered three BIG frog fish and I could not get far enough away to get a good photo with the murky water. Have fun and post some pics
  2. The ZEN port plus extension Not ectastic about the extra joint and O rings but I suppose it should not be an issue as I would not have to disturb it. The port is £325 plus the extension ?? Olympus solution I have a quote of £150 plus postage for the port then I would need the adapter. Decisions Decisions, Maybe I should start looking at camera upgrades !!!! Madness leads down this route
  3. If possible try before you buy. A session in a pool with a number of objects of about the size you anticipate shooting. Try it under as low light as you can arrange. The higher diopter, the closer you focus, the less light you have. This can be overcome to some extent with a focus light.
  4. Is it the wet lens that is fogging up? That sounds more like there is some damp inside the wet lens.
  5. I have an Olympus E-PL3, PT-EP05L, 60mm Macro, Zen WA-100-EP and Olympus 9-18 &14 -42 mm and wet diopters. I love the idea that I did not have to change ports to switch between the 60mm and the 9-18. However in Lembeh I did suffer when the dive guides would find tiny creatures where a wet diopter would have been great. Unfortunately the 60mm will not fit behind the standard port on the EP05L. Is there a port option for that will allow me to use the 60mm with a wet diopter. It would be great if it also allowed me to use the 9-18 without changing ports (less to carry).
  6. Took the new port, and the 60mm to the pool for a play. Need to concentrate on strobe placement, easy to get an underexposed picture.
  7. As soon as you start having changable lenses then ports become an issue (cost, availibility, packability) I have gone the Olympus route (E-PL3 in an Olympus housing) and can use the 60mm macro and the 9-18 behind the Zen port. or the 14-42 behind the standard port with a wet lens for macro. I only have live view and that does not seem to cause any focusing issues. I would like the 8mm fisheye but thats another port and the hand luggage is getting very full already. On the surface I find the pen series Ok but not as nice as my D300. I don't shoot video so cannot comment on that.
  8. So far so good. Yes bit the bullet, toys arrived this week (port and 9-14 60mm macro on its way) and I got the courage to take the housing apart this morning. Very scary, the port is very tight, but does turn. I did remember to unclip the focus lights After gently cleaning and lubricating the O Rings assemble was quite easy. In the pool this week to make sure we don't have any leaks then off to Indonesia in December Yes
  9. Jeff and Bluewater have handled the housing follow the link http://www.scubaboard.com/forums/olympus-outlet/493179-e-pl7-pt-ep12-has-anyone-tried-out-3.html Looking good for the legacy ports and lenses, some issues with the new packages.
  10. Lisa. I think all of the early ports are suitable. for example PT-EP01, PT-EP03, Best to speak to an expert, maybe you would be better off with a Nauticam housing?
  11. Better safe than sorry with a trip like that planned. Now you can always buy another housing and a few strobes and dive with both macro and wideangle setups at the same time. hehehe Empty bank account here we come. :-D
  12. Lisa I believe the 60mm Macro will not fit behind the standard port on the Olympus EPL05. I think you need one of the flat ports from the other Olympus housings.
  13. Wolf Thanks for the guide. The PT-EP05L has the "silly" focus lights at the front and a battery case on the right hand side of the housing. (If anyone has a spare flat port without these I would be happy to negotiate a price) I think there are 2 small screws in the battery case but I am not sure if thats all that is involved.
  14. What is the step by step process to swap the port on my PT-EP05L for a ZEN WA one. Never done this so a little nervous. Pictures or youtube would be good. Thanks,
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