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  1. I'm interested in trying WAM. What equipment, especially lenses and add-ons did you use? Anytime you can capture a seahorse like that one, means you must be doing something right!
  2. Thanks again Bill. I'll let you know how things turn out.
  3. I dove my new rig in June, Sept and Oct in tropical waters for a total of @40 dives. I follow all instructions and maintenance to the letter. This is my 2nd Ikelite housing and the first one was used for 5 years / 200 dives with NO issues. I need to return the new housing to ikelite for the following reasons 1) rust on inside of housing around shutter release where it touches the acrylic and all over the movie record nut rust on the lid snap component on the rear of the housing on the outside against the acrylic 2) the command dial refused to rotate the camera dial after the first 25 dives 3) the gear sleeves (2 lenses) have never worked smoothly but I did manage to get them functional for the first 25 dives 4) after 25 dives the zoom control would not function at depth ( I love the challenge of only taking pics with f4.5 for the whole dive!) Any words of wisdom before I contact Ikelite??
  4. Believe or not, I now have both lenses set up so that they work perfectly in the housing. Furthermore, I am using exactly the setups recommended by Ikelite. I got my wish that each lens used a separate setup so no switching around is required. I hope that the setup becomes quicker as I use everything more often. Thanks again for all your help.
  5. Thanks Bill. I really appreciate your help on this problem. When I went back to the drawing board as it were, I used exactly the same ring and clamps as recommended by Ikelite. Aso, with 2 lenses I would like to have each set up independently, with no switching around, however, I guess it is time to experiment. BTW, what exactly do you mean by 'taller'? Both my bars on the zoom ring and the holders on the lens clamps are exactly the same size - only one is thicker than the other.
  6. Thanks for responding to my plea for help. I have made progress. The 18-55mm lens is now working flawlessly. I simply went back to the drawing board and started over again from scratch with from you and Ikelite rep and website. The 10-24mm lens still has issues Everything works well until I lock on the dome. Then the gear knob WILL NOT move. I can just imagine breaking it off. When I just set the dome onto the housing and turn the gear wheel, the dome turns as well. Any ideas???? I'm sending pics to your website as I can't figure out how to upload here.
  7. I have a new camera - Nikon D5300 - and an Ikelite housing. My husband finally got the gear sleeve and zoom rings to work with the standard 18-55mm lens by putting things on upside down and backwards ( I kid you not). Trying to get it all to work with my new lens - 10-24mm - has been less than successful. Does anybody have any suggestions (and don't suggest calling Ikelite).
  8. Hello, I'm Val from Canada. I started doing underwater photography about 5 years ago with a point and shoot. I had to upgrade this year when that camera had memory card issues. I chose a Nikon D5300. My first shoot with it was in Cozumel in June and, needless to say, the learning curve was huge - even though I spent 4 months on land and in the pool before hand. My technical issues now involve getting my Ikelite housing's gear system to operate properly with my Nikon 10-24mm lens. Hopefully, I can resolve this before I head out again in September.
  9. Oh no! This is my first post and this is not good news. It took forever to figure out how to best use Aperture and I'm still in the learning phase. I just hope that this thread keeps going so others, more learned than I can share. and make suggestions.
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