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  1. several relevant responses....my thanks to you all 1. Prime suspect is the cable at this point. I only have the one so I'm thinking I'll take it to Backscatter this weekend and see what they say. My wall will remain safe at least another week. 2. No extra land flash to try but the hot show is a candidate. The connector is hooked up correctly per the specifications, and in the same manner it was working fine for 15 dives. Pretty sure that's good to go, however, the point about the cable being squeezed between the body and the housing is a possible suspect. I noticed that as well and it's a concern, especially given the comments here. 3. In reading the manual, I started wondering about the Command mode as well. In my reading, it seemed a logical choice. Is anyone using this setting? 4. Double checked slave mode. I was hoping that might have been the answer as I actually struck my forehead when I read that. I'd forgotten that point. Alas, I appear to remain SOL. Backscatter! Oh Backscatter! Time to annoy you folks again...
  2. This seems impossibly, maddeningly simplistic yet I'm unable to resolve the issue. I've been shooting, for about 15 dives, with a new rig.....Nikon 90, Aquatica housing, single Sea & Sea strobe manually fired. Camera is set to shoot in manual exposure mode and I see where to set the flash so it always fires. However, without changing anything obvious, my strobe is now not firing. I see the bits on the housing as set as expected for manual mode. The wiring is clean and good with all rubber clean and slightly greased. It seems to either have to be a setting on the camera or something has malfunctioned. So let me narrow down my question to the camera itself. What settings do you use on your D90 to fire the strobe? I've gone through the manual but am probably over complicating things at this point as no resolution has appeared. Any ideas out there before I throw this thing against the wall? 'Frustrated in San Jose' Mark
  3. I'm looking at getting some macro and wide angle lenses for my Ikelite housing....Fuji F810. The mounts available from Ike supports either Inon or Epoque. In other words, it seems I have to go one way or the other. Anyone care to give me their feedback on either or both? Many thanks, Mark
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