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  1. wow, another masterpiece... i can image how trouble it is to collect those sound effects, but it really fits for the video, i will share ur video. by the way , may i ask ur lighting, what kind of lighting do u use for those marco thing?
  2. In Taiwan, every summer, some enthusiastic divers will devote some efforts to build artificial squid nest, for marine enviroment protection. during filming, the water is no good, misty, even daytime, camera still can't capture the details of squid, also squid is very careful, so, the image is not personal satisfied, but this is only what we can do In this 2016 video, most image was shot from Taiwan L.A Diving build squid nest, some mix with LongDong NO.2. this video is delicated to those who pay efforts for taiwan underwater ecosystem. Music by: Patrick Rundblad-Heavens call
  3. nick, i have shot the same thing they are mating in the end of Feb of this year too, also in Anilao but in dive site" cathedral".. http://photo.xuite.net/leo.tsao/1532325/14.jpg
  4. nick, thanks for sharing ur precious experiences , it could be very useful, i will try, thanks
  5. nick, thanks for ur advice i have spend times to read those thread u share, are u guys still using the expodisc ? even ur gh4? i have find some other latest product , like: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/591756-REG/BRNO_BAL77_baLens_77mm_White_Balance.html what kind of tools are u using right now for WB?
  6. nick, i really do love ur video, your videos are something really i learn from, still got many things to learn.. i use SEA&SEA Mark 3 housing to fit in my Mark4 camera, the problem is not my housing, is myself , i am lazy to bring a white board to correct WB underwater, i feel, it's not correct WB anyway underwater, why not do it at home? and WB changes by surroundings, by depth, why not focus my attention on composition or anything else, shot first, correct it at home? do u still suggest me to set manual WB every shot? bubffm, i have a red filter on big wide shot
  7. u are really good of ur eys sharp, yes, some of those shot i corrected not perfectly, i am lazy to shot in custom WB underwater, i will do color correction after i back home on software. i use premiere pro CC 2015 to work with it although, it's not for sale, just for personal creativity i capture the original pic for you thanks for ur comment
  8. this video was shot at 4K resolution, by sony rx100 IV with Marco diopter Subsee+10, and 10,000 lumen lights X2, and did some post production color correction and so on. Location: Green Island , Taiwan
  9. another amazing work, may i ask, so u bring 2 camera for 2 lens going underwater?
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