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  1. huguito

    DS 125

    I just posted two for sale in perfect shape $600 each, one spare battery and one battery charger. Look for my post dated today Hugo 310-749-2778 hugoper@msn.com
  2. Hi Look for my post few minutes ago. I have a Ikelite TTL housing for a Canon 20D, complete with extra ports, all the adapters you will ever need for many different zooms, AND a perfectly working Canon 20D for less than you will find a bare housing going for. Thanks Hugo 310-749-2778 hugoper@msn.com
  3. Sony DSC-V1 with a perfect Ikelite housing. The camera is 5MP, with a Carl-Zeiss lens great for very close macro shots, super fast autofocus. Works just fine and never was flooded, clean lens port with no scratches. Comes complete with housing tray and handle, batttery charger and 3 camera batteries. Camera and housing priced at $400 Please call Hugo with any question 310-749-2778 or email at hugoper@msn.com Hugo
  4. I have an Ikelite housing for a Canon 20D TTL in perfect shape. Comes complete with one wide angle port and two flat ports. All the adapters to use zooms and operate them inside the housing. Never flooded, not scratched, works great and looks like new. Also included are the tray and handles along with spare rings for back and ports. I am asking $750 for the housing and ports or $1150 for the whole lot and a very clean Canon 20D Please call Hugo with any question. 310-749-2778 or email at hugoper@msn.com Hugo
  5. HI I have two Ikelite strobes DS 125 in perfect condition going for $600 each. One extra battery for this strobes, $120 One battery charger $70 Look for my other items for sale Call Hugo with any question at 310-749-2778 or email at hugoper@msn.com Hugo
  6. I can see it coming. late again for my mortgage payment after this trip. Hugo
  7. By the way. The charger is a newer model and the strobes are two DS 125 HUgo
  8. I'm wandering what would go up in smoke if I splite the wire coming out of the Ikelite smart charger and make it feed two conectors in a paralel conection. My intention is to charge two batteries at the same time. Will it charge both but at half the speed defeating the purpose of saving time? Is the charger smart enough to sense the increase in load and shut down? Has anyone tried? Hugo
  9. Amazing stuff! Truly beautiful. I am really impressed. Is that footage from Ningaloo Reef? Hugo
  10. I will be in KBR from the 14th to the 21st of August, then 2 days in Singapore before returning home. I would love to meet anyone from this board if they are spending time in Lembeh while I'm there. I can be contacted at hugoper@msn.com I will be flying from Los Angeles the 12th Hugo
  11. I have priced a trip to Sulawesi in August with several companies. The best set of price, acomodations , etc.. is with a company called World or Diving. Anyone booked with them before? Are they reliable? They are charging $2.640 for 7 nights in Lembeh Resort, 6 days of 3 tanks, meals and airfare from Los Angeles. So far a decent price, but the company is unknown to me. I would apppreciate any help. Hugo
  12. HI Lekima I have used a DS 125 and a SS200 on a dual cord for many dives. If I remember correctly the caveats where that the DS 125 has to be conected as the primary strobe, The ss200 get the end with the red band. The housing has to be used in manual mode. Basically you give up TTL altogether. The housing just create a sort of flash EV compensation. This was done with a Canon 20D. Feel free to PM any time. Hugo
  13. You guys mention LR and KBR. Are these the names of the resorts or are they short for some name? It will help to get the complete nemes to do a web search. Thanks Hugo
  14. HI Lawrence. Do you mind sharing some info on prices for airline, lodging and diving that you may have? I'm planning the same trip from Los Angeles for the end of July or beg of August. Thanks Hugo
  15. I'm going to Sulawesi at the end of july. First time there. Any recomendations on airline/dive shop/resort? Any mention of a place or company I should stay clear off? Any place in the area I shouldn't miss, under or over the water? What are prices like comparing to Thailand or Philippines? Best airline deal from Los Angeles? And last if someone knows what are the winning lotto numbers for tomorrow I will appreciate it. Hugo
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