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  1. 2xG18PLUS, NO ambient filters, WB to lights temperature... Selling 2 of my 6 G18PLUS as is enough light with 2 x G18PLUS.
  2. Well you are lucky now... Im selling my G18PLUS [emoji16]
  3. Reason is I have 6 of them... Location Spain.
  4. I sell 2 video lights Divepro G18PLUS 18000 lumens CRI 92. 90° beam angle. Price: 750€ each. Buy 2 for 1400€. Plus shiping. They are like new, only used in 2 liveaboards. Warranty till march 2020.
  5. Would be interested in monitor...
  6. I dont think you need any course. Just try to do new things, whatch some videos to get new ideas and shoot as much as you can...
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