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    Olympus OMD M1II, Olympus E-PL5
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    Nauticam, PT-EP10
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    Sea&Sea YS-D1, YS-D2
  1. I use the Oly 9-18 as smaler solution if the Oly 7-14 with the 180 Dome is to bulky. I used it in Nauticam & Oly housing. And I like it still as the Smal solution. Works fine and it is even possible to make Splits. If you can wait, Olympus will release a 8-25 F4 this Year ...
  2. Igoscuba has at least a zoom gear. Here als you can contact her, and she makes custom parts. She had already done some custom parts for me. https://www.igoscuba.com/Camera/Micro-Four-Thirds/Zoom gear Olympus 7-14mm
  3. I use Aluminium foil or duct tape duct tape for this purpose. it bloks the light to 100%.
  4. Nauticam updated the port chart for MFT (2021-01-04). Now the 12-45 is added. Beside the 180 Glas dome and the 7" Acrylic dome there is a option with a flat Port: Two 20 extension ring and the 35mm Macro port. Does anyone already tested the Flat port Option? Does it vignetting when Zoomed to 12mm? Or is this option only for Macro. I Afraid vignetting, the port has only 67mm and the 12-45 goes in while going wide angle. I ask myself if it could replace the 12-50.
  5. Switch to MF and try then. If it possible that the cam Still wait for Focus. If switching to MF resolve the Problem, you should search the Menu for setting, what the cam do by pressing the Shutter. There schould be aa setting which shoots regardless of focus. I am not sure What the default setting is here, if it is sth. like "wait for fokus" can cause the Problem. Try A1->AF Scanner -> mode1 C1 Release Release Priority -> Off maybe this could help.
  6. Hello, I had also Problem with my FL-LM3. My FL-LM3 give up after two Years (needs long to charge, and do not fire). OK this happens. What made myself uncertain, that the Spare Flash gave up after 1 Day with the Same mistake. So I ask myself did I Have just bad luck with the Spar Flash or do I have a Problem with my M1II? Is that the Standard Problem with the FL-LM3: needs long to charge, and do not fire?
  7. There are Ports from Zen Underwater: 9-18 - https://www.zenunderwater.com/collections/pt-epxx-ports/products/wa-100-ep end for the 60: (Macro Port for th 45) ZEN FP-100-EP + Extension Ring ER-EP-25 There are also Ports from AOi but there i do not know the Model Numbers. Forgotten, for Macro you can also use the original Olympus Port of the PT-EP10 Housing (for E-PL5). Where you can also use the 12-50. I use the Zen WA-100-EP for a while and i am really happy with it. One Problem is, that the housing is not created to regular change the Port. I solve the Problem with a Little luck and a used cheap 2. Housing.
  8. I created a zoomgear for the Olympus 12-50 for the Olympus Housings. Olympus has non for it. I let it print by Shapeways and it works ok.
  9. I use a Snapper Clip from Scubapro: https://scubapro.johnsonoutdoors.com/accessories/snapper-clip-wss-core-std and "Replace" the Snaper with a boltsnap, the boltsnap is clipt to the D-Ring on my right Shoulder. Snapper Clip is also available from mares and so on. For me important, it has a Steel Cable inside. Drawback the steel cable in the Inside starts to corrode after same years and you have to replace the Snapper Clip. The Cetacea lanyard locks interesting, have to order one an try it ...
  10. Yup do not fit. The Housing has a eltrical Flash Trigger (not shure wich conector it uses). The light use a Optical one. There are optical Flash triggers out there, but they are used inside the Housing. The Meicon has no window for this. I am not sure if there is a converte for Outside the Housing out there.
  11. Use "manual 1" if you have set the Camera Flash to Fill In or "Manual 2" if the Camera flash is Manual. Than you can set the Flash power down. I Use 1/64 on by YS-D2 but maybe you need some more to trigger the Flash. The Second option is better, while you save Battery Power of the Cam.
  12. I am @eik.deistung on Insta: https://www.instagram.com/eik.deistung/ but i post not frequently new stuff
  13. I Spit. I also read you can use a half potato. But I am not sure how piratical it is to have always potato for diving in you dive bag
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