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  1. Come2Indonesia are excellent, been using them for years for many flights. Almost instant response and they will hold the tickets for you whilst you get back to them, then just send you a paypal invoice to complete. Minimal add on fee for the lack of hassle is more than worth it. They managed to get me from Bali to Manokwari (Cendrawasih) in one day on a last minute booking, combining 2 airlines and 4 or 5 flights (cant remember exactly). No way I could have sorted that by myself!
  2. Share away Nick and thanks for the info, would be interested to hear what scientists make of this. To add a bit more info. The mating happened immediately after sunset, roughly same time as mandarin fish do their thing. The weedy was following the paddle flap so I suspect the paddle flap was the female, it also looks like it was the paddle flap that released the eggs.
  3. Would love to know if anyone else has seen or filmed this behaviour before. Cant find anything on tinterweb.
  4. Hi Pete, is this still available?
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