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  1. New to this site, so wanted to offer a thanks to all in advance as there's a lot of great info here! I have a basic Canon compact with the Canon housing, and after using it on a few dives have decided to invest in a better setup. I'm looking for an investment path that is at least semi future-proof, and have been considering a few potential paths: 1) Buy a low cost all-in-one kit similar to Sealife SL961 on sale for under $300. I've borrowed this setup from a friend before, and while it's simple and easy I think it's the most likely to be canned down the road if I want to upgrade either camera or strobe setup. 2) My father has a Nikonos SB-105 which he offered up, unfortunately he lost the Nikonos V that went with it. The adapter is ~$150, but I'm wondering whether this cost is worthwhile compared to a new strobe given its age (at least 20 years, although not heavily used), I don't know whether this setup will actually work, and limited features compared to modern strobe. If I want to upgrade the arm with an ULCS set, I'm looking at $400 anyway. 3) Buy a new strobe, perhaps the S2000 recommended above, or YS-01. Along with a ULCS arm set, I expect this will be $650, and my only question is how much runway I get with an entry strobe and when people typically upgrade again (one year, three years?). Does anyone have experience bringing long-dormant strobes to life (option 2)? If a strobe like the S2000 or YS-01 is something people grow out of, then maybe a good path would be $150 on the frankenstein Nikonos and then jump to a higher end strobe later? I also appreciate any feedback on other strobes that I should consider, and if there are any lights that can dual purpose for macro photo and video. Thanks again!
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