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  1. Housing is still just as described but will take 3200 to purchase

  2. Nauticam D800 Housing, serviced at Reef Photo this year (can be verified at Reef Photo with Serial Number), new vacuum/moisture alarm system, UW Technics flash converter, 45 degree Nauticam finder, Nauticam Standard eyepiece, Aquatica port adapter, BTS Bridge Bar. All in like new condition. $3200 with Paypal
  3. Looking for two 8 inch TLC strobe arms, double ball, old style
  4. Nauticam to Aquatica port adapter still available?
  5. Aquatica D800 housing excellently maintained (serviced by Backscatter annually). Housing is setup for Nikonos Bulkheads or Fiber optic Bulkheads with appropriate circuit boards, all included. Nikon (USA) D800E DSLR. Mini Macro Port, Standard Macro port, 8" acrylic Dome Port, 9.25 Aquatica glass dome port. Port Extensions for: Nikon 105mm D Micro port extension, Nikon 105mm AFS micro port extension, Nikon 16-35mm port extension w/ zoom gear, Tokina 10-17mm port extension w/ zoom gear, Tokina 10-17mm w/Kenko 1.4 port extension w/ zoom gear, Nikon 200mm Micro port extension, Nikon 20-35mm port extension. Aquatica TLC Strobe arms. Inon Z240 Strobes(2) w/ Inon fiber optic and Sea & Sea cables. Inon snoot. Retra Ultimate LSD Snoot. Tripod housing tray(uses TLC arms). Beneath The Sea cross bracket for Aquatica Housing. Backscatter vacuum system for housing. Aquatica +10 and +5 wet diopters w/ mounts for mini macro and standard macro ports. Pelican travel case. This equipment was purchased and solely used by myself. The only lenses I would be willing to part with are the Nikon 60mm D Micro, Nikon 105mm D Micro. $9000.00
  6. Looking for an Aquatica D800 housing, prefer housing only, no ports, etc.
  7. When considering the Kenko 1.4x TC select the MC4 and not Pro 300. According to Kenko (same as Tokina) the Pro is optimized for >= 100mm and will cause fuzzy borders.
  8. The issue with the Sigma 15 is the non-removable lens hood and 100mm glass port(will not fit), if using the larger ports all is fin. Tokina makes two models of the 10-17, one with a hood and one without.
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