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  1. Hello all, Just bought a Nauticam housing for my Nex-6. I own both the 10-18mm and the 18-55mm E-mount lenses and was hoping I could save a little bit of money and purchase only the Nauticam 36129 7" dome port for both lenses. I see that Nauticam, on their port chart, approves the 4" wide angle port for the 18-55mm; is there a reason it wouldn't also work in the 7" dome? When held next to each other, the lenses are very similar in length, so the slightly narrower 18-55mm should fit physically but will the optics be a mess at the longer focal length? Thanks for the help, Adam
  2. Hi all, Just joined the forum because I'm looking for some advice as I upgrade from a GoPro and start taking my Sony NEX underwater. Adam
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