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    2 x Seacam 150d, 1 x Sea&Sea YS-D1
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  1. Hello ! I want to sell here: 1 x INON Wet-Diopter UWL 100-28-AD Wide-Angle with AD-Connection and 1 x INON Mount Base 28AD Port for Olympus PT27, PT-20 etc. Both parts have been used one time only in fresh-water and are absolutely in a perfect condition. The original price was EUR 316,- and EUR 189,- For both together I am thinking about EUR 150,- The parts are located in Germany.
  2. I am selling here my Sea &Sea MDX Pro D3 which is usable for a Nikon D3 as well as for a Nikon D3x. The complete housing was overhauled/maintananced/pressure tested by mike-dive (www.mike-dive.de), who is well known for modifications, repairings and special ideas. He put in a iTTL-Converter so that two strobes can be used together. A manual switch allows you do disable the TTL-Converter by hand outside the housing with a knob. Perfect who likes TTL for Macro. Please see pictures below. For this nice feature we decided to change the S/C/M knob into the TTL-converter knob at the same place. The housing is fitted with a standard viewer, the condition is good for sure it hast the normal markings from usage. Addtional I have: 1 each NX Zoom Port, P/N 51101 no scratches on the front glas 1 each Adpater Ring 40, P/N 56111 1 each SX-Ring, P/N 50261 1 each NC Compact Macro Port, P/BN 56201 1 each Compact Macro Port S (35), P/N 56211 no scratches on the front glas but a small dent in the plastic 1 each NX Fisheye Dome Port, P/N 56401 modified with removabel weights Following gears: 1 each Zoom Ring for Sigma 17-35 1 each USM Zoom Gear for Canon EF16-35 f2.8 1 each NX Sigma Mini Zoom Macro 28-80 f3.5-5.6 HF Focus Gear 1 each NX Sigma Mini Zoom Macro 28-80 f3.5-5.6 HF Zoom Gear 1 each AF Nikkor ED 17-354 f 2.98D Zoom Gear 1 each Zoom Gear for Nikon 105 VR usable allone and with Kenko 1.4 Converter (made by xit404.com) 1 each Sea & Sea Single Strobe Cable 5-pin 1 each Sea & Sea Dual Sync Cable 5-pin 2 Flash-Arms (Combination of Sea&Sea Arm VI with Mike-Dive Arms) A lot of unused O-Rings, spares, grease etc. are included. I am interested to sell everything in one lot, my price is EUR 1100,- for the complete listed equipment. The material is located in Germany and can be packed well for shipment.
  3. Hi ! I am Stefan, living in Germany and I am diving since 20 years. I started in 2007 with my first digital camera a Nikon D-200 in a Sea&Sea housing. Being apart some years of diving I changed t a Nikon D3x in a Sea&Sea Housing in autumn 2013. In February 2014 I have been on the "Boot 2013" in Düsseldorf and changed my whole system to Seacam, inspired by Kurt Amsler. Kurt told me that he is doing UW-Photoworkshops in South-France and I decided to start serious UW-Photography and booked his workshops. No I am trying to get better and better photos......... I am happy about any comments on postings as long as they are helping me to improve my work. Ciao, Stefan
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