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  1. Hello, I am selling a Kikonos RS with its 20-35 / 2.8 mm lens and the SB 104 strobe ( sold without its battery and charger ) The gear is in trully perfect condition. Price : 850 eur Count additional costs for transportation. Can be picked up in Nice, south of France Thanks for spreading the word
  2. Hello, I am selling a 9O mm Hugyfot acrylic flatport ( FLP - 6.607 ). The gear is in PERFECT condition !!! Selling it for 170 euros ( New, it costs 240 euros ). Meanwhile, nice dives to all
  3. In case it helps someone ... The 2 Hugy domes I have are in fact 7'' domes ( product number 6.608 ) which fit perfectly with the Sigma 15 mm I was persuaded to have 8'' domes as the previous owner had told me. Hugyfot doesn't manufacture any 8''. Case solved
  4. It s a Hugyfot 8'' dome ( product number 6.608 ). Thanks for the link !
  5. The thing is that I have an 8'' dome ( actually I have two of them ). Still don't understand why a 7'' would work and the 8 wouldn't. Will take the housing together with my 8'' dome and test them with the 15 mm in a shop...
  6. So ... that's what I did. And here is their answer : "The Sigma 15mm f2.8 requires a fisheye port. You can choose between the 7” acrylic dome or the 5” glass dome The Tokina 16-28mm f2.8 requires the 7” acrylic dome and a 60mm extension ring."
  7. Hello everyone, Looks like this topic has been fully covered. Still, I didn't get all of it. Excuse my English I have a 5D MK 2 Hugyfot Housing, an 8'' dome ( product number 6.608 ) and the 20 / 40 / 60 mm extensions. Could anyone tell me if I ll have any problems using a Sigma 15 mm with this set up without having to crop the image ? Could anyone help me on that one ? Thanks for reading and maybe replying Safe dives
  8. Hello everyone, I am a free diver who loves hunting underwater images holding my breath. Haven t done anything during the last 4 years as I had to sell all my equipment. Now looking for a second hand housing for my 5D MK 2. Seen some stuff here on wet pixel. Anyone knowing a good deal ... just lest me know ! Safe dives to all
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