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  1. *** For Sale - Light & Motion Bluefin HC9/HC7 Housing With Zoom Macro Port And A Sony HDR-HC7 Camcorder *** I am selling a brand new, never used, never wet Light & Motion Bluefin HC9/HC7 Underwater Housing and a Sony HDR-HC7 Camcorder. Both the housing and camcorder are in MINT CONDITION and work flawlessly. The housing has never been used or touched water. The camcorder has been used once or twice for a few minutes of topside activity. They've been in storage and I want to free up space and funds for a Nikon D800. The entire kit comes in a brand new Pelican 1510 carry-on protector case with padded dividers (FAA maximum carry-on size) Here is a YouTube link for a Light & Motion promo video for the housing. Below is a zip file containing photos of the setup. I am asking $2900 for the entire package. PayPal preferred, plus shipping. Thanks for looking. Doug LM Bluefin Images.zip
  2. For sale - A Brand new, never used, never wet Beuchat complete regulator setup. Included in this kit: - First stage = EN 250 (DIN) - Second stage = VX100. - Beuchat VS Octopus - Beuchat pressure gauge (230B) Pictures are below. Would like $250USD for the complete setup. PayPal preferred, you pay shipping. You cannot beat the price. Thanks for looking!
  3. I am selling a Sea&Sea NX fisheye dome port; Sea&Sea's acrylic version (#56401) It is in great shape with just a small buffed out scratch that does not show up in pictures. I am selling the port as I changed camera housings. The port retails for $650.00 new. I am asking $350.00 plus shipping via PayPal. Doug
  4. All three Strobes have Sold! Thanks to everyone who had a look. Thread Closed
  5. One strobe SOLD! I still have one remaining strobe but will now offer my backup strobe to keep the same deal as above for interested divers.... So to update: I have 2 Sea&Sea YS90 DX strobes for sale. $225 a piece or $400 for both. Contact me here or at douginpalau@yahoo.com Thanks!
  6. E-mail received, Thanks. Doug
  7. Hi, I have 2 Sea&Sea YS90 DX strobes for sale. $225 a piece or $400 for both. Contact me here or at douginpalau@yahoo.com Thanks!
  8. This item has SOLD! Thanks to everyone who inquired and had a look.
  9. Hello Everyone, I am selling a Sea & Sea DX-70 underwater housing, Sea&Sea NX fisheye dome port along with a Nikon D70 (body only). This is a solid underwater photography setup! Everything is in great working order. I am the original owner and all components of the kit have never been flooded. The dome port is Sea&Sea's acrylic version (#56401) The D70 camera is body only. It comes with the essential Nikon brand accessories: MH-18 charger, EN-EL3 battery, ML-L3 wireless remote controller, BM-4 LCD protector, and neck strap. Also included are 2 Ultralight angled dovetail strobe arm base adapters and the housing body cap I am asking $1250 for the package. (firm) I prefer PayPal over other methods and would like to ship the item in the US. Shipping in the US is roughly around $65.00 (insured) I can ship outside the US, but shipping will be around $130.00 (insured) Rates using carriers other than the United States Post Office (DHL, Fed Ex) will be significantly higher. Feel free to contact me here, or email to douginpalau@yahoo.com Thanks, Doug
  10. I have a Nikon D70 and a Sea&Sea DX-70 underwater housing for sale. Both the camera and housing are in great working order and have never been flooded. It is a great setup for DSLR photography. I am asking $900 for the package. Feel free to contact me here, or email to douginpalau@yahoo.com Thanks, Doug
  11. I am selling the Light&Motion Olympus 5050 Tetra housing along with two Olympus 5050 cameras and the following: Here is the complete offering with everything in working order: (1) Light & Motion Tetra 5050 Housing with spare Double Back O-rings (1) Brand new user replaceable circuit board for the Tetra housing (2) Olympus C-5050 Zoom digital camera F1.8 with lens cover (1) Flat Port Lens (1) Wetmate Adapter Lens Port (1) Sea & Sea Strobe Bulkheads (1) WetLink Bulkhead (1) Light & Motion WetLink synch cord for Sea&Sea Strobes (2) Strobe Arm Mounts (2) Ultralight angled dovetail strobe arm base adapters (1) Manuals for both Camera and Housing (1) USB cable for downloading (2) 1 GB Compact Flash Cards *** I have also included the Wetmate Wide Angle Lens (small scuff mark on glass, does not alter image quality, can be buffed out) as a bonus to complete the package. The housing has paint chips on the back plate. This does not affect the functionality of the camera. One day decided to peel off a few paint chips and got carried away. It is simply cosmetic. 5050 shooters will know this is a good package deal, and the circuit board is great insurance against a flood especially on a dive trip (bought as backup, never used, no flooding) The Wide Angle Lens is also a find! I am asking $800.00 for the complete package and will toss in a Pelican 1500 waterproof case (no foam) to hold it all for whoever buys it. I would also prefer to sell it as a complete package rather than breaking it up. It is a great setup and fine deal for the price. Payment through PayPal preferred. Feel free to contact me here, or email to douginpalau@yahoo.com Thanks for looking, Doug Tetra_5050_Images.pdf
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