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  1. Not in Cancun. I got the dreaded red light couple of weeks ago, so they saw my DSLR and strobes. No issues other than hassle of packing everything back. Thanks Vlada
  2. Great question, i am also looking into putting a kit together for this and also interested in feedback, techniques, ideas So far i found this: https://www.backscatter.com/search?keywords=nightsea Thanks Vlada
  3. Claire, I have exact same set up as you (D500 in Aquatica) and 60mm lens (old version) and I got a +5 wet diopter from Aquatica and absolutely love that set up. +5 definitely provides significant magnification Vs just using 60mm and based on my experience so far, i would not be getting a +10 one as that one would be nearly impossible to focus i think. I picked up a focusing trick on here - if i see a suitable subject, i firstly focus with the 60mm, then swing the wet lens in place and then the system focuses easy. If you do nto focus w/o wet diopter sometimes it hunts too much. Also, with 60mm, you distance to subject is pretty close, so need ot be more careful with lighting and pick subjects carefully. Here are some quick grabs - excuse the poor image quality - these are JPEGs from Ipad, did not have time to work with originals yet - but shows what is possible.
  4. I went from D7000 to D500, both in Aquatica. Love the D500 capabilities. Not sure how big the housing for Subal D7000 was but the Aquatica housing for D500 is larger than D7000 and i believe the one for D850 is larger yet. In the past i was able to put my D7000 in the housing in my carry on with both handles still attached - now i have to remove one of the handles. Luckily the rest of my system got significantly smaller (ports, strobes, etc) so the whole set up still fits into carry on, but i was seriously considering switching to mirrorless just to get a much smaller housing...
  5. US$700 for the whole lot. Will ship worldwide at buyer's expense. I am original owner of both the housing and the camera. Housing used ~80% in fresh water. Was serviced by Aquatica in 2018 and since been on three trips total. Works perfect. http://www.aquatica.ca/en/products_dslr_d7000.html This housing has two wired bulkheads, one Nikonos style and one Ikelite. It has a 5 pin hot shoe connector and i believe it is wired for TTL but i never shot TTL, so can not confirm if it is working. Both bulkheads work perfect in manual mode. I would include two spare Nikonos bulkheads that i accumulated over the years If buyer wants, will also include two dual cords for Ikelite strobes - one that connects to Nikonos and the other one for Ikelite bulkheads. Also include an old style Aquatica macro port - had not been used for several year but just pressure tested it on my D500 housing and holds vacuum just fine. The benefit of the old port is that is has a focusing gear on it if you wish to shoot macro in manual focus mode. Camera works fine. 14,000 actuations. Will include no name charger and two batteries that work just fine with this camera. I also have the original box and manuals for the camera but shipping is cost prohibitive and manuals avaialble online. I do have a Magic Lantern book for that camera and can include that. Housing can be converted to optical bulkheads by Aquatica and you can also replace the hydrophone with a vacuum pump and upgrade moisture sensor circuitry for vacuum. Contact by private message if interested.
  6. Question for those of you with Aquatica housings and Leak Sentinels - in which bulkhead did you put the Sentinel? My D500 housing has a spare bukhead as well as the bulkhead in which surveyor pump seats - ideally i want to remove that pump and add Sentinel - had anyone done that and know what adapter i need? And did you get the V4/V5 or just the pump valve itself and rely on in-housing electronics? V4/5 add a nice ability to prep the housing the night before and not having to open it again to activate. And temperature compensation sounds nice as i never has a green light underwater yet - always switches to yellow during the dive, then back to green on a surface... Having done a trip with my D500 housing with Aquatica house pump and valve i came to conclusion that I do not like an idea of needing a pump to de-vacuum the housing and the fact that if that pump breaks on a remote trip, i am screwed as there are not too many Aquatica housings around, so looking for the better valve and pump part and seems that Sentiel has a lead there. Thanks! Vlada
  7. To save myself some experimenting, does anyone here shoot with combination of 10.5mm + 1.4 TC and 60mm + 1.4TC in Aquatica housings? Which extensions worked for you? I tried 10.5mm with TC and w/o any extensions and it barely fit (6 incn dome port) but sharpness was not the greatest. I also used my very old 48453 (28.5mm) and it produced acceptable sharpness, but thinking that smaller extension might be even better so thinking of trying 48456 (16.5mm). I am just getting back into macro after years of shooting only WA in wrecks and caves, so was going to try and pair my old 60mm with TC behind mini-macro port, but have no idea what i may need as extension, so if anyone tried already, pls let me know. Housing is currently D7000, will be switching to D500, but do not think it matters much as extensions for all modern housings should be the same... Thanks Vlada
  8. What do people use for website building for photography? Wix, Wordpress, anything else? If Wordpress, what templates? My legacy website http://www.wrecksandreefs.com was built from scratch and i no longer have time, energy or code knowledge to update/ maintain it. Plus over time my interests evolved and i want to split the site into 3, the Great Lakes will be legacy pics and Caves and Reefs will be two separate websites as they have very distinct audiences. My needs are: - Some sort of gallery feature where i just drag and drop and software sorts it all out for me. I have photoshop and can butch re-size, but would like software to do everything else. - Scalable so that it looks nice on all platforms - currently a big issue for legacy site - Somebody else does all the back end updates code for me - another big issue with current website. Some code is too ancient. - a blogging feature - Nice to have - Right click block to prevent copying of images Many thanks! Vlada
  9. As it says, housing and camera for sale. Both in good working order. Pictures here: US$700 plus shipping from Toronto, Canada I am keeping all the ports for my next Aquatica housing. Housing includes 2 Nikonos bulkheads. I am the original owner of the housing and majority of its use was fresh water only. Thanks Vlada
  10. Housing only (i.e. you'll need to buy the port separately). Dual Nikonos style bulkhead. It's been used, paint is chipped in places, but works well. I have not had it serviced in couple of years, so i would highly recommend you do so. Asking US$800 Also have D100 body and a set of TLC strobe arms http://www.aquatica.ca/tlc.html for sale with the housing or separately. No spares, no manual - all available from Aquatica though as they still support that model. Posted the pictures to my site - links below D100 back D100 both inside front bottom top back front Thanks, pls contact via PM if interested Vlada
  11. Tokina 10-17 in Aquatica For those familiar with that set up - do i need an extension ring and what kind of zoom ring is required? I have an older D100 housing if that makes any difference. Thanks
  12. Was this sent by UPS? UPS in Canada uses the brockerage company that charges astronomical brockerage fees. I learnt my lesson a month ago when one of my strobes travelled back to Ikelite for repairs and the brockerage fee was half of the repair price. So, for my next repair, i made a note to Ikelite to use anything but UPS - they did not seem to have any issues with that.
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