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  1. Hello, I'm aiming to move to Thailand next year to pursue a career in UW film making. I'm trying to find a company who can offer the very best in professional tuition. Koh Tao have so many training companies but I find it very difficult to choose the best, even after contacting them directly. I have a shortlist but I still want to ensure I choose the best. Are any of you able to unequivocally recommend such a company? I'd like to end up filming for documentary, rather than the tourist industry, but I'm also open to all advise. I'm also not dedicated to Koh Tao, or Thailand, and am fully prepared to go anywhere where I'm guaranteed to receive the best tuition and prospects possible. I hope you're able to help, thanks for your time!
  2. Hello, my name's Dan and I've signed up in the hope of getting some video advice. Pleased to meet you!
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