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  1. I just ordered the Surface Book 2 13 "i7 16Gb Ram 512Gb ... I did not choose the 15" because it will be used in travel. For more demanding jobs I have the imac and the pc at home
  2. I reduced my list of options to the following models: Dell XPS 13 Lenovo Yoga 920 Surface Book 2 What's your opinion on these?
  3. Right now I'm trying to choose a new laptop. I'm an underwater photographer. The main use of the laptop is during photography trips, for that i need very good battery time, lightweight and true color monitor. In my travel i use photoshop, lightroom, premiere. I can work with windows or OS X, despite being more dependent on OS X right now....iphone, imac and macbook pro...automatic synchronise of contacts, emails, photos, etc. In your opinion what is the best option for a budget of 3000USD? thanks for your help.
  4. Hi, I'm Paulo Martins. I am Portuguese and currently live in Angola. I look forward to making my contribution to the development of the Wetpixel community and to underwater activities. Good dives and good photos to all. Thanks Paulo Martins
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