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  1. Hi jajah, thanks for your reply. I realized that this thread is pretty old but thought that my questions weren't worth opening a new one. So from your answer I understand that you use(d) the older version a lot and it works good and reliable?! Anyone here who has used the newer design?
  2. I agree that any BCD won't improve someones photo and /or diving abilities but it might help to make progress. When I switched from a standard BCD (Seaquest Pro QD) to a harness/backplate/wing combination (i.e. http://www.halcyon.net/bc) I almost instantly felt better underwater because it helps to maintain in a stable horinzontal position (also known as good trim ;-)) Also the harness results in greater mobility/flexibility of your arms because everything is now on your back and the buoyancy is moved to where it is needed: around your tank! Needless to say that these types of BCDs are very durable and reliable (but to be honest not very lightweight and also a bit expensive) From that point of view I tend to say that a harness/wing BCD (if used properly) might also improve underwater photography.
  3. In the meantime there seem to be two versions of this optical converter unit available! Does anyone here have experience with the newer one (http://www.ikelite.com/accessories/4401.1-fiber-optic-converter.html)? Since I'm considering to use it to connect my Ikelite DS161 to my new Sealux housing I'm wondering what the differences are!? Which one is better, more sensitive, more reliable/robust etc.?? regards from Germany, Fischfreund
  4. Thank You everyone for your answers and sharing your experience ! This really helps me a lot! Despite my experience with Subal at "Boot" I still think they are quite expensive! But after you are all recommending them I think I might reconsider my budget. So far Aquatica and Ikelite are out! I've been using an Ikelite housing for my previous camera (Nikon P7000) and it was ok but for my new cam I want something better. Has anyone experience with Sealux? A friend of mine has two of their housings and loves them a lot. I also got an interesting offer from Sealux. The remaining unsolved issue is if and how I could use my DS161 strobe with any non-Ikeltite housings?! But I think I should ask for this in the strobes chapter of the forum. regards, Holger
  5. Hi Elmer, Thank You very much for your answer! I didn't consider Subal because I had kind of an unpleasant experience with their representatives at the "Boot" - Germany's biggest trade fair for all kinds of watersports! They were bearish and arrogant and showed absolutely no interest in winning me as a new customer. I don't want to reward this behavior by giving them a huge amount of money although I'm sure they definately build great housings. Subal also seems quite pricy to me! If I spent this much I'd rather get a Seacam which actually would be even cheaper! Holger
  6. Hi everybody, I'd like to resurrect this topic because I'm desperately struggling with the same issue! I need a housing for my D7100 and just can't decide what to buy! Feels like I've read the entire Internet (twice... and then again;-)) I also own an Ikelite DS161 strobe and would like to use this with the new setup. Since I want to shoot wide angle with my Tokina 10-17 I think I'll have to buy a second strobe, too. So far I short-listed Aquatica, Nauticam or Sealux. Maybe Seacam but I fear they might too expensive for me. I'd appreciate any help, advice or recommendations and would also be gratefull for input concerning ports and other lenses etc... Thanks in advance and greetings from Germany, Holger
  7. Hi, I'm Holger from Germany! I've just upgraded to DSLR and need some help regarding housing & lenses! CU!
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