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  1. Hi all, On behalf of a friend I am selling this underwater photography kit composed of the following elements: - Nikon D300 body in excellent condition - IKELITE underwater housing for Nikon D300, equipped with brand new Vivid Leak Sentinel vaccum System valve and separate operating pump. This system ensures the pre dive tightness of the housing and makes sure the system is ready to dive securely. - Ikelite Fisheye Dome port - Ikelite extension ring for use of the Dome port with Nikon 12-24mm - Ikelite DS-160 underwater strobe in near mint condition, incl. Ikelite original charger + diffusor - Ikelite DS 51 underwater strobe also in excellent condition + diffusor - Ikelite dual sync cord (Ikelite bulk head to 2 Ikelite strobes) - Ikelite single sync cord (Ikelite bulk head to 1 Ikelite strobe) - original Ikelite tray and handles with clamps and 3 different length of ball arms - spare O-rings The housing has a little internal scratch that DOES NOT affect the integrity and tightness of the housing in any way. The housing has been revised and dived with it without any issue. Dome port is free of scratches and optically in perfect condition. The kit would be ideal for someone wanting to do the jump to DSLR underwater photography without breaking the budget. Items can also be sold separately. Please send me a PM if interested. Note that this is a private sale, so any warranty is excluded.
  2. Hello, For sale I am offering a brand new dual cable from Sea & Sea. It enables the operation of two Sea & Sea or Inon strobes from a 5pin Nikonos bulkhead as to be found on most housings. I only had the cable as a backup in case my optical connections failed. The cable has never been in the water and you can see the new condition in the photos. The new price was 190 € Sales price: 95 € plus shipping Since this is a private sale, I exclude any guarantee or warranty according to EU law. If you are interested, please PM or email to steve80@pt.lu Regrds, Steve
  3. Hello everyone, For sale is an absolutely mint Subsee +10 diopter with M67 screw thread. Comes with original packaging and both lids. New price was 230 € Sales price: 100 € plus shipping Since this is a private sale, any guarantee or warranty is excluded. If you are interested, please PM or email to steve80@pt.lu Regards, Steve
  4. Hello friends, Due to a system change to Sony, the following underwater photography complete system from Sealux is for sale: Housing : - Sealux CD7100 underwater housing for Nikon D7100 with GV150 angle finder and acoustic leak detector, N5 flash bulk and 2 optical ouputs - 180 domeport made of optical glass with neoprene cap (for use with Tokina 10-17mm fisheye or with Nikon 12-24 f4) - Sealux Mini-Dome made of optical glass suitable for the Tokina 10-17mm Fisheye (ideal for close-up wide angle photography) - PS 90 macro port for the Nikon AF-S 60mm - ZW28 extension ring for use with the Nikon AF-S 105mm f2.8 (macro) and the Nikon 12-24 f4 (180 dome) - Subsea + 10 dipoter Camera: - Nikon D7100 body in perfect working condition and fully functional including accessories and batteries Strobes: - 2 x Inon Z240 flashes in perfect technical condition + neoprene protection - Nauticam flash arms in 3 different lengths with brackets and floating devices - 2 optical cables - 1 x Sea & Sea dual cable with N5 connector Price for housing, flashes and camera: 3200 € (which is less than the price I paid for the housing alone) The following lenses are also for sale: - Nikon AF-S 105 mm f2.8 VR: 500 € - Tokina 10-17 mm fisheye: 300 € If you buy the entire set: 3500 € All items are used but still have minimal to no signs of use. Lenses, domes and flat ports are absolutely free of any scratches (as can be seen on the photos). Everything was taken perfect care of over time and the housing was revised at regular intervals. It was recently subject to a complete overhaul with pressure test in July 2020 (invoice is included as proof). The set is ideal for ambitious amateur photographers and has proven itself during a World Championship as well as in various international competitions. I will be happy to send you more photos by email. Looking forward to hearing from you. Shipping worldwide. Buyer pays for shipping Since it is a private sale, I do not provide any warranty.
  5. Hy folks, Due to changes in my strobe configuration I have two spare Ikelite 4104.32 dual cables waiting for a new owner. These are for manual lighting only (no TTL) and are designed to connect one Nikonos plug to two Ikelite strobes. They are both like new, one of them did never see water and was bought only as a backup for the World Championship last year. Feel free to pm me for further details. Price would be 150 € or 180 $ + shipping Best regards, Steve
  6. Hey Chris, Yeah sorry, I just noticed that I had not mentionned the lens. The use would be with the Tokina 10-17 that I use actually too but with a big 180 dome. I wanted to try the minidome as I rarely use another linear WA lens. I found the CFWA abilities of the minidome interesting. Also, considering the weight, it would definately be nice to carry only the minidome on vacations. :-) Steve
  7. Hy Chris, Thank you very much for your feedback. Indeed, I'm aware of the soft corners using minidomes. That is an issue I guess I will accept if for the rest the dome works good with my Tokina. I'll try to find out if I can rent the dome for a few dives and see how it plays, and make my decision based on the test results. ;-) But it's good to hear from people who are actually satisfied with the dome. Steve
  8. Hey folks, I'm planning on getting a Hugyfot housing for my Nikon D7100 and I wonder if any people already use / tested the Hugyfot minodome? As it is very hard to find some information or sample pictures taken with that precise minidome, I'd like to see if maybe some people here at wetpixel have some experience to share about that port. I hope someone can give me some piece of advice ;-) Regards, Steve
  9. Hy everybody, I'm trying to cope with a real problem concerning my two Ikelite strobes... I am currently using two Ikelite DS-160 Strobes on my Canon EOS 400D. I do not have an Ikelite housing, but I have a TTL Converter in my housing and I use my Ikelite Strobes with the Ikelite to Nikonos TTL Sync cord (red banded 4104.6). My TTL Converter can also be set on “manual”, meening that the strobe will be operated exclusively with manual settings on the strobe itself. My question is if I can continue to use the 4104.6 TTL cord even in the manual mode or if I need to switch to the non TTL version of the sync cord (blue banded 4104.31) ? Because I currently have the problem that with the 4104.6 sync cords used in manual mode, there are many dropouts of the strobes and sometimes they won’t fire at all… I hope that maybe someone already had this issue and I'll be grateful for every kind of help I could get ;-) Many thanks in advance, Steve
  10. Hey Nuno, I'm encounrting EXACTLY the same Problem at the moment. Just a question, do you have a TTL Konverter build in your housing? I'm asking because I do have a Konverter and I used to operate my strobes via the Ikelite TTL Sync cord and it was working fine. After a time I noticed I couls set the Converter on "manual" mode, meening that the strobes were operated only by their manual settings and not in TTL mode. After a while there were exactly the same problems than your. Either the strobes will fire outside the water and once you wre in the water they just would stop working. Or often the stopped working in the middle of a dive. The camera is not blocked and shots the pictures, only that the pics remain black. At the moment, I'm wondering if I shouldn't use the non TTL Version of the Sync cord (blue banded)...I just wrote an email to Ikelite to ask them. I'll post back when I know more. Regards, Steve
  11. Hello guys, I'm Steve from Luxembourg. It's nice to be part of Wetpixel ;-) See ya !!
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